FIFA Online 4 is coming khổng lồ Southeast Asia and vương quốc của nụ cười and Vietnam are the first two countries lớn initiate mở cửa Beta phase of the game, in May và June respectively.

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As it’s only in Beta stage, players would encounter some errors here và there. Below is a menu of common errors và ways to fix them.

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Error #1: Clicking on “Play” won’t start the game

=> This error can be fixed by following below steps:

Step 2: Install the tệp tin you just downloaded

Error #2: Error Code (-1) at the loading screen (the screen with Ronaldo)

=> Garena – the quảng cáo trên internet of FIFA Online 4 in SEA fixed this error

Error #3: Xigncode error

=> to lớn fix this error:

Step 2: Delete all files in the current Xigncode in FIFA Online 4 installation folder (named “32837”)Step 3: Extract the downloaded package, & put all the files into the said Xigncode folder (/32837/Xigncode)

Error #4: NSIS Error

You might encounter this error due lớn corrupted downloaded files/disrupted update

=> Overcome this error by redownloading FIFA Online 4 via Garena client

Error #5: Getting kicked out of the game while playing Practice mode, World Cup mode

=> Use the “Repair” option of Garena client

Error #6: DirectX error

=> Update DirectX on you PC khổng lồ version 11 or 12 (latest version)

Error #7: Errors relating lớn antivirus software

=> Fix this in the most direct way possible which is khổng lồ temporarily disable or quit the conflicting software

Error #8: The one(s) that is not mentioned above

=> Garena is mở cửa to receive your feedback regarding any error you have to khuyến mãi with during and after the Beta phase. Feel không tính phí to hit them with a message. If you are playing the Vietnamese version, use this form to let them know.

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