Fatal frame iii: the tormented

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By Jeremy Dunham
Horror fans have had a packed year in 2005, with tiles such as Outbreak File #2, Ties That Bind, Haunting Ground, Obscure, and the revamped Resident Evil 4 all bringing their own brands of terror khổng lồ an audience of hungry (& deranged) game players. This year's final fright fest, however, might indeed be the creepiest of the bunch as Fatal Frame III: The Tormented is one of the most surreal & twisted spook house adventures you can play.Loosely related khổng lồ the previous games in the series, Fatal Frame III tells the story of Rei Kurosawa, a 20-something freelance photographer who's still trying lớn get over the death of her fiancé two months earlier (tragically, he was killed in a oto accident và she was the driver). Unfortunately, the grieving process isn't going so well considering that Rei ended up photographing her departed lover Yuu while on assanhhungxadieu.vnment in a haunted house. This shocking moment immediately sends Rei into a daydream state where she enters a familiar-looking burial ground populated by creepy ghost people. Eventually Rei wakes up from her waking sleep, but the seed of a plotline have sầu already been planted. From that moment on, the creepy begins.


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And it's a damn fine creepy at that. A lot more coherent than Crimson Butterfly's eerie (but disjointed) narrative sầu, the tale of The Tormented has a lot of different layers khổng lồ it that satisfy on a number of levels. Not only does the story have sầu several ongoing mysteries (like Rei's manifestation of a bizarre và ever-growing tattoo & the identity of a frightening half-naked body-painted she-ghost), but it also has enough cheap scares lớn fuel you in-between. There are plenty of nods khổng lồ players that conquered the first two Fatal Frames too, with fan favorite Miku Hinasaki making a triumphant (and very hot) return.Speaking of Miku, she's one of three playable characters at your comm& (Though Rei is the main focus, she's only playable for a third of the entire game). But what makes these three personalities cool is that each one has their own chất lượng abilities that will change things up from mission lớn mission. Yuu's frikết thúc Kei Amakura, for example, can push heavy objects that Rei & Miku can't, as well as jump across large gaps (he's also the uncle khổng lồ Fatal Frame II's Mio & Mayu). MIku, on the other hvà, is small in stature và can reach areas that the other characters can't. Miku's the most useful player in combat too (thanks lớn her spiritual powers), và is by far the character with the coolest outfits.


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Regardless of which character you play as, though, Fatal Frame III offers a good number of missions with plenty of ghost hunting & puzzle solving. Unfortunately for those of us who have played through just about every survival horror game on the planet, the brain-teasers never really offer anything new & rarely move sầu beyond your typical tile-sliders và key-based fetch quests. To phối things up a bit, Tecmo has incorporated an interesting "two-world" relationship element that makes it impossible to advance in one reality without first uncovering something in the other. If you're confused, don't be -- a good portion of the gameplay revolves around the idea of slipping baông xã & forth between a nightmare dimension và reality. It reminds me a lot of how The Ring: Terror's Realm was handled several years back on the Dreamcast... only this game doesn't suck. For the most part, Fatal Frame III's 13 chapters và 24 missions can be pretty captivating. Tecmo has done a good job moving the story along through what seems khổng lồ be the perfect combination of subtle & blatant plot devices. If helps tie up several loose ends left over from the previous games too and even manages lớn create a few brvà new questions while it's at it.Where The Tormented begins lớn get smacked in the face, however, is with its mechanics. Pretty much a carbon copy of most other survival horror titles over the past ten years, character movement and controller response is pretty limited. Now since I've played through just about every known entry in the genre since Alone in the Dark, I'm more than used to lớn these stiff reactions. But with games such as Resident Evil 4 & the more recent Obscure offering true forward-thinking control elements, it's hard khổng lồ be as forgiving with Fatal Frame III's refusal lớn move sầu on. These issues aren't just about camera angles either (which, by the way, are some of the best pre-mix perspectives I've seen), but are also in relation to lớn positioning yourself properly for context-sensitive actions. In areas with peep holes or readable dialogue, for instance, you'll have sầu to lớn constantly relocate yourself so that you're maneuvered just right to lớn activate an action. This happens quite a bit and it can get pretty frustrating when you're forced to bởi mini-circles over và over again just to look at something.


On that same note, Fatal Frame III is a very slow-moving game -- making it difficult lớn avoid ghosts (especially when in first-person camera mode) and it won't be uncommon for you to lớn get nailed by things just slightly off-screen because you couldn't tell they were there. This problem is improved early on when you get the "Escape" attachment for your camera, but the "counter move" given lớn you from it really only works on what you can see. Trust me, losing track of ghosts will be a frequent issue.That said, Fatal Frame's main action mechanic is still one of the most creative sầu around. Using a special camera khổng lồ "exorcize" evil spirits is pretty badass và the fact that you can tăng cấp your camera to lớn become more efficient adds a nice customization element khổng lồ the game. Having an công trình to lớn nâng cấp also gives you an incentive khổng lồ snap as many apparition pictures as possible too, otherwise you'll never have enough points khổng lồ truly power up. It's also worth mentioning that Fatal Frame III seems khổng lồ require the quickest reflexes of all the games in the series -- as you'll need lớn be fast (really fast) should you want khổng lồ grab shots of every ghost.Speaking of ghosts, the phantoms & their environments are great. Supporting progressive scan television displays (but strangely, not widescreen), the graphics are easily the best in the franchise so far. Cloth physics và lighting effects are well above sầu expectations & the character models & facial expressions are eerily realistic. Granted, there is the occasional pop-up here và there and the camera angle can cause perspective sầu problems about once a mission, but for the most part the look & ambiance here is great. That's also true of the excellent sound effects and supporting music, which is both ominous & subtle enough khổng lồ work your emotions. Expect khổng lồ hear plenty of strong vocal work too (if not a bit echoed).
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