Faker on t1's fast tempo: "we know our power spikes really well, and we're very confident in our plays

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Faker on T1's fast tempo: "We know our power nguồn spikes really well, and we're very confident in our plays."

The two teams playing in the 2022 LCK Spring finals have been finalized. T1 was the first ones lớn punch their tickets into the finals after a dominant 3-0 victory over Kwangdong Freecs, while Gen.G took a 3-2 victory over DWG KIA, with game 5 arguably being the biggest comeback victory of the split. The finals is slated to lớn take place on Apr 2, & it’ll also mark the first time in over two years since the live audience returned khổng lồ the finals stage.

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After T1’s victory over KDF, mid laner Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok & head coach Choi “Polt” Seung-hun spoke about their victory, as well as their thoughts on the upcoming finals.

It was a clean 3-0. How bởi vì you both feel about the victory & moving lớn the finals?

Faker: I’m very satisfied that I’m playing in the finals again, & also happy that I 3-0’d tonight.

Polt: It feels that we’ve been able to showcase what we’ve prepared tonight, so I’m very satisfied.

How vị you feel about being the mid laner for the All-LCK First Team?

I don’t hold too much meaning about it, because in the end, winning the championship is what really matters. I think it’s the result of having good teammates and performing well with them.

Oner was the only one who wasn’t a part of the All-LCK First Team. How did he react? Was he disappointed?

Faker: After seeing the announcement, he was unhappy to the point where he didn’t speak for the day. However, he was back to normal the next day .

Tonight, you played Vex twice into FATE’s Leblanc. Is the matchup easy for Vex? Tell me more about the matchup.

Faker: Vex is a champion that really depends on the players’ master over her. I believe that she can have priority as long as you don’t make a mistake.

Unlike trò chơi 1 and 2, where T1 took a dominant victory over KDF, there were moments in game 3 where T1 staggered.

Faker: The enemy’s team composition had champions that were good at defense. It was much harder khổng lồ snowball the game due lớn our opponents being really good at defense past the mid-game mark.

What personally impressed me in game 3 was when the team went back in lớn kill the enemy Xayah after losing the fourth dragon. Who made the call?

Faker: Keria was able khổng lồ catch the moment when the enemy got complacent. When he’s on engage champions lượt thích Nautilus, Keria’s really good at finding the angles to lớn go in. Just like he did tonight.

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What’s the secret behind T1’s fast tempo and the team’s ability lớn snowball the game very quickly?

Faker: There are a lot of games where we manage khổng lồ snowball in the early-mid game, & that comes from my teammates knowing their nguồn spikes really well. I think it’s all possible due lớn how confident the team is in the plays they make.

Polt: The players are very good at finding the plays they need to lớn make in the game. If I really had khổng lồ choose something they need lớn work, I’d say that they sometimes get complacent when they’re massively ahead.

It was recently announced that Kim “kkOma” Jeong-gyun was appointed as head coach for Team Korea in the upcoming Asian Games. How bởi vì you think you’ll feel if you get lớn work with him again in Team Korea?

It’s been a long time since I worked with kkOma, so it’ll be quite a trip down memory lane. It’s also really fun to work with new players, so if I vì chưng get khổng lồ play for Team Korea, it’ll be a very memorable competition.

Obviously for Faker, playing in the finals isn’t anything new, but for Polt, this is your first finals as a head coach. I’m curious if anything about your mindsets changed for this split.

Faker: Not much has changed, because I’ve always prepared hard for every finals that I played in. This split, our team played very well throughout the regular split, so I’d say that I feel more eager khổng lồ ultimately win the championship.

Polt: The last time I went was the 2021 Summer finals, so as the head coach this split, I’m preparing even harder khổng lồ win this split.

What does T1 need to work on for the finals?

Faker: We don’t have that many practice partners until the finals, so I think it’s important to organize all the data and experience that we’ve gathered until this point. Maintaining our form và physical condition is our number one priority.

Polt: Our coaching staff will work incredibly closely lớn maintain our players’ form. It’ll be up lớn us to lớn analyze our opponent, & to help maintain their best condition until the finals.

Lastly, is there anything you’d like to say lớn your fans?

Faker: There’s about a week left until the finals, so I’ll make sure to lớn prepare well to perform better than I did in the playoffs.

Polt: We’ve made it this far, so we’ll make sure to lớn win the finals. Thank you.

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