Author: iTzSTU4RT Build Ezreal with confidence with the help of anhhungxadieu.vn"s build guides. Whether you are completely new to Ezreal or looking khổng lồ refine your playstyle, we will help you take your Wild Rift trò chơi to the next level. Learn Ezreal"s abilities in detail, the best items to build, which skills to màn chơi first, & more. Ezreal is ranked Tier S (Duo Lane) in our Champion Tier List

EzrealThe Prodigal Explorer
Recommended RoleDuo Lane


Ezreal is a rồng Lane carry that relies mainly on mechanics to deal the most damage efficiently. When playing Ezreal, you need to lớn be good at hitting skillshots as every one of his abilities is a low cooldown skillshot and is his primary source of damage. In the early game, Ezreal struggles lớn keep up in damage compared to the other AD carries. However, Ezreal"s Mystic Shot is a great way to lớn keep safe whilst also last hitting minions so you can get the items you need lớn carry the game. Once Ezreal gets to mid and late game and has his chip core items, he can stay back & use his abilities khổng lồ take down the enemies from range.

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Ezreal gains attack tốc độ for a few seconds when hitting abilities, stacking up khổng lồ 4 times. You will see a bar underneath your mana once you hit an ability; this will show you how many stacks you have; once you reach full stacks, the bar will start decreasing, & every time you hit an ability to lớn duration will refresh. It"s essential to make sure you always stay at maximum stacks to get the most damage output during team fights.

Mystic Shot is one of Ezreal"s primary abilities that giảm giá khuyến mãi the most damage. He fires a bolt that giao dịch physical damage. Hitting a target reduces Ezreal"s other ability cooldowns by just over a second. Hence, trying và hit Mystic Shot every time is essential so you can use your other abilities more often.

Mystic Shot also applies on-hit effects like Spellblade from Trinity Force và Bitter Cold from Serylda"s Grudge, which is why these two items are really strong.

Ezreal fires an orb that sticks to a champion, epic monster or structure for a few seconds. Once you have applied Essence Flux, if you hit the target with an attack or Ability, it detonates the orb dealing bonus magic damage và refunding mana.

This Ability is an excellent way to thiết đặt up and deals bonus damage during the laning phase. You can bộ combo Essence Flux with Mystic Shot (1st Ability) at range, or combo it with Arcane Shift (3rd Ability) when you want to play aggressively và look khổng lồ fight.When looking khổng lồ attack towers, it"s essential khổng lồ use Essence Flux on the tower whenever available, as this makes you giảm giá much more damage.

Ezreal blinks lớn a target location và fires a bolt dealing magic damage. The bolt prioritizes enemies hit by Essence Flux (2nd Ability) over the nearest enemy lớn you.

This Ability has a very long cooldown in the early game, so you need lớn be careful when using Arcane Shift. However, once you put a few levels into Arcane Shift và have a few items that give you Ability Haste, this Ability can be available every few seconds & pretty much works as a 2nd flash, making Ezreal very safe khổng lồ play.

Trueshot Barrage is a global ultimate meaning that the projectile can travel across the whole map. When used, Ezreal fires an energy wave, dealing magic damage. When you full bộ this Ability with Essence Flux (2nd Ability), you can khuyến mãi a lot of burst damage; however, it is difficult to lớn land.

You can use Trueshot Barrage at the start of a team fight to giảm giá a bit of early damage on the enemies, or you can use it right at the end to giảm giá a killing blow from afar.

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Ezreal has a unique build path compared to other dragon lane champions. Firstly with Ezreal, you build Manamune; this is because with Ezreal, you will be using your abilities all the time, & they all have very low cooldowns, so not only bởi you need the mana from Manamune, but you can also stack the passive very fast & upgrade this thành công to Muramana. Trinity Force is another core item, mainly because of the Spellblade passive. This works well with your Mystic Shot. If you land your Mystic Shot, it counts as landing an auto-attack, so not only vì chưng you get the damage from the Ability, but you also get extra damage from the Spellblade passive.

Onto the runes, we have:

With Ezreal, you will be auto-attacking & using your abilities a lot; most of the time, they will hit enemies. This allows Ezreal to stack up Conqueror fast to giảm giá khuyến mãi extra damage & get a lot of healing when fully stacked.

Since Ezreal is an ability-based marksman, he doesn"t do the most damage against tanks và bruisers with a lot of health. Giant Slayer will help with that problem, allowing Ezreal to giảm giá khuyến mãi bonus damage if the enemies build health.

As an AD Carry, you will always find yourself either getting a lot of kills or assists which works well with this rune. You will gain health và tenacity each time you get a quality takedown that can help keep you alive.

Ezreal will always be involved in team fights và get a lot of takedowns. After every quality takedown, Ezreal gets Ability Haste, so he can use his abilities more often to giảm giá even more damage.

For summoner spells, Flash is a must on most champions. It"s a great spell lớn get you out of a bad situation or allows you lớn flash into the enemy team to get that killing blow! The go-to 2nd spell is Barrier. The most important thing to lưu ý with this summoner spell is that it does not last long, so you need to make sure you use it when you are about khổng lồ take damage.

Early game

Ezreal is not the best champion in the early game. You can use his Mystic Shot at range to khuyễn mãi giảm giá damage lớn the enemy champions và last-hit minions. You can combo Essence Flux with your auto-attack, Mystic Shot or Arcane Shift to vày more damage to the enemy champions when you find the right opportunity to lớn play aggressively. Even though Ezreal has a weak early game, you can use Arcane Shift to lớn dash away from danger so you can play as safely as possible.

Late Game

Now, this is where the fun begins! Once Ezreal gets his three chip core items (Manamune upgraded, Trinity Force, và Blade of the Ruined King), you can sit back, relax & poke out the enemy team because they will not be able khổng lồ get close to you. It"s always best as an AD Carry to stay grouped with your team. You want khổng lồ stay as far back from the enemies as possible and allow your front line khổng lồ go in front of you khổng lồ tank all the damage. Most of the time, you are the main damage output, so if you are caught by yourself and die, then your team is in trouble, so make sure you stay safe at all times.


Ezreal is an entertaining & safe champion lớn play. It might take a while for you to get used to lớn him as he primarily uses his abilities for damage. But with a bit of practice and learning how khổng lồ land your skill shots, you will have a lot of fun jumping around the maps and killing everyone.

Thank you for reading this guide! Feel free to follow me & ask any questions on:

Good luck on the rift summoners!


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