Htc Windows Phone 8X

“It’s rare that we have nothing bad khổng lồ say about a phone. The smartphone htc Windows Phone 8X sets a new bar for Windows Phone. It is the first WP8 device we can recommend to those hunting for a top-notch super phone over the holidays.”
Comfortable stylish designGreat hardware specsGreat screen qualityFantastic cameraAvailable on most carriersWindows Phone 8 Start screen rocksGood audio quality
No micro SDCamera not as good as iPhone 5Xbox Music ứng dụng needs updateApp store still a bit weaker than Android & iOS

HTC had a rough ride this year. It went from being one of the most promising Android điện thoại manufacturers, khổng lồ getting its butt kicked by Samsung, which rose to lớn prominence with its Galaxy phones. Htc hasn’t gained widespread carrier adoption on its game android phones, but this holiday season, it’s working a new angle: Windows Phone 8. With the Windows Phone 8X, htc will finally deliver a phone on three of the four major U.S. điện thoại carriers: AT&T, T-Mobile, và Verizon. That’s a first for HTC and a first for Windows Phone. Microsoft’s elated; điện thoại htc is excited; but should you make the move to Windows Phone 8? Find out below.

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Design and feel

Do you like bright colors? So does HTC. Like Nokia’s Windows Phone lineup, the smartphone htc Windows Phone 8X comes in black, as well as several vivid shades: neon yellow, purple, & bright red. All of these colors make a bolder statement than the typical white & gray phones that almost everyone totes around these days.

The bright colors are complimented by a seamless unibody shell, which has a gentle arc and curve khổng lồ it. địa chỉ cửa hàng to that rounded edges, a flush camera, và a rubberized coating, và you have a very comfortable phone lớn hold.

The power nguồn button và volume rocker surround the upper right corner of the 8X, making them easy khổng lồ press. Htc has stressed its seamless kiến thiết so much that it was, at first, a challenge for us to feel out the location of these buttons, but once we had the positioning down, we’ve been able to lớn use the power và volume just fine without playing hide & seek.

The 4.3-inch screen isn’t too large, but the overall length of the phone means that you will have to lớn shuffle it up and down your hand a little to hit the power nguồn button at the top and haptic (touch-sensitive) navigation buttons – Back, Home, search – on the bottom of the screen. This is, unfortunately, something most điện thoại users are already used lớn performing. Even the new iPhone requires some shuffling. After you watch this instructional clip you may feel better about it.

Operating system

Oh, Windows Phone. You’ve always been a good điện thoại operating system, but so few people are buying your devices. Hopefully, the wide availability of the 8X & Windows Phone 8 devices will finally give Windows Phone some momentum.

If you absolutely despise Windows Phone, then nothing in Windows Phone 8 will change your mind, but there are some notable enhancements, all of which the htc 8X takes good advantage of. For starters, the WP8 Start screen is now a lot more customizable. You can resize Live Tiles (a mixture between a widget & an ứng dụng shortcut) khổng lồ be one of three different sizes, opening up your screen khổng lồ hold a lot more info. Live Tiles are how Windows Phone gets away with not having a notification drawer – a conceit táo bị cắn made with the iPhone 4S. It takes some getting used to if you come from iPhone or an android device, but we’d argue that Windows Phone has the most consistent user experience of any mobile OS, và possibly the best looking, as well. It’s a simple design, but consistent và refreshing if you’ve been stuck using ever-changing android phones for the past few years.

In addition to lớn the new Start screen, Microsoft has added new features lượt thích Rooms, which lets you gather a group of your friends or family & communicate as a group. If your friends are all Windows Phone users, you can go to lớn their “Room” and have a group chat, giới thiệu a calendar (this feature works with Android & iOS users too), cốt truyện notes, and share photos. For a tight-knit family, or a family that desires khổng lồ be tight-knit, this could be a great feature. The downside: It makes it easier for over-engaged parents khổng lồ drive their kids nuts. Peace and quiet is becoming a rarity in the age of the smartphone.


Data Sense is another great feature, but only available on Verizon at this moment. It allows you to monitor your data usage each month & see what apps are running up your meter. Kids Corner is a good way to lớn shut your kids up for 10 minutes. It lets you create a custom, locked Start screen filled with apps and media you approve of, allowing your rascally children to lớn goop up your screen & have fun without accidentally performing a factory reset or digging through mommy or daddy’s personal stuff. Microsoft’s Wallet ứng dụng is also included. This can store your credit cards and PayPal account info for making on-phone purchases. Supposedly, you can use NFC for actual transactions at retail stores, but we can’t get this functionality lớn work. In any case, the functionality is not being promoted or easy to lớn use, at this point.

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Finally, Camera Lenses allow you khổng lồ use any other camera-based apps right from the main camera app in the phone. We found it easy lớn apply filters to our photos using this app. It’s certainly easier than having to mở cửa multiple camera apps, like you vì on other operating systems. Microsoft is doing a good job of turning its chip core apps into “hubs” for third-party apps to utilize. The “Room” functionality we talked about earlier is a part of the People Hub, which stores your contacts.

The Windows Phone Store is nowhere near as robust as iPhone’s app Store or Android’s Google Play Store, as it has 120,000 apps compared khổng lồ their 700,000 each, but most of the popular apps are now available. During its recent WP8 press conference, Microsoft boasted that it now has 46 of the vị trí cao nhất 50 apps. There is still work lớn be done here, but you won’t be losing critical functionality if you join Windows Phone. We couldn’t say that a year or two ago.

Hardware specifications

If you’re nerdy like us, you like to know how phones stack up to one another; the easiest way khổng lồ make rash judgments about this are specs. The smartphone htc Windows Phone 8X is one of a new batch of Windows Phones with competitive processing power. Windows Phone 7.5 had some decent improvements, but Microsoft forced all phone makers lớn continue to lớn run on single-core processors. No more. Lượt thích all new Windows Phone 8 devices, the 8X has a dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor (1.5GHz). This is the same processor that powers the U.S. Version of the Samsung Galaxy S3 & HTC One X; it’s good. The extra processing power nguồn has helped Windows Phone become a lot more responsive on the 8X than it has been on older devices. The 1GB of RAM và 16GB of internal tệp tin storage don’t hurt, either.

The 8X has a gorgeous screen. We usually prefer AMOLED screens for Windows Phones due to their vivid colors and deep blacks, but the 4.3-inch 1280 x 720 px “Super LCD 2” screen looks great with a đen background or trắng (AMOLED can’t vì white very well).

The 8X also has your standard audio jack, bluetooth không dây 3.1, NFC capabilities, a Micro USB charging port, & 4G LTE connectivity on AT&T and Verizon. Our LTE speeds have been pretty standard, as has phone reception.

Xbox and Beats Audio

Like most HTC’s app android phones, Beats Audio is included with the 8X. The external speaker on the 8X is weak, as phone speakers usually are, but plug in some headphones and you’re in for a treat. Windows Phone began as an MP3 player called Zune, and its origins still shine through. Audio sounds great and HTC’s Beats filter works with any phối of headphones, though it would be happiest if you shell out primo buckage for a pair of Dr. Dre’s. Non-audiophile testers couldn’t notice much of a difference, outside of a volume increase, when Beats Audio was turned on. Nevertheless, it certainly doesn’t harm the already clear audio experience.

Microsoft’s new Xbox Music ứng dụng is nearly identical to its previous Zune music app. It’s a mostly wonderful experience, but still lacks some modern options. For example, if you “heart” or like a song, there is no way to listen to lớn all of these approved songs together. Tải về functionality is included in the Music app, but you cannot download whole albums at once. The Podcast section of the ứng dụng is similarly limited. It doesn’t have a screen that will let you view your “latest” downloads. Instead, you must visit each radio show individually lớn see if you have new episodes. Hopefully these limitations will be smoothed out in the future. Other audio apps, like Spotify, are available in the Windows Store.


Like the One X, the điện thoại htc 8X has an 8-megapixel rear camera with a dedicated ImageSense camera-processing cpu accompanying it, meaning it’s one of the better camera phones on the market. It performed well against the iPhone 5 camera, which is currently our favorite among đứng đầu devices. On default settings, the 8X performed better in dimly lit spaces. However, when it comes to color reproduction, balance of light, & depth, the iPhone 5 does appear to have an edge. The 8X camera seems to lớn make things too bright, grainy, or washed out. Compare it khổng lồ any điện thoại cảm ứng thông minh camera outside of the iPhone and the 8X would likely give it a run for its money. | | 68gamebai | new88 | game bài đổi thưởng | | C54 MOBI | j88