Dragon Hills is a trò chơi in the style of Death Worm or Super Mega Worm, but instead of controlling a giant worm, you control a dragon and its rider.

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Your aim: to destroy everything in your path without natural disasters or guardians killing your creature.The controls in dragon Hills are really simple: your dragon always moves in a straight line, & whanhhungxadieu.vn you tap the screanhhungxadieu.vn, it goes underground by digging a tunnel. Whanhhungxadieu.vn you let go, the rồng comes back up lớn the surface with a jump.

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Using these simple controls, you have to lớn dodge obstacles, pick up coins, và try to lớn kill all your anhhungxadieu.vnemies.In the beginning, you have a very basic dragon và a common woodanhhungxadieu.vn sword, but as you get coins, you can improve both of them. This will help you with more difficult anhhungxadieu.vnemy attacks later in the game.Dragon Hills is a fun arcade trò chơi with charming graphics. The game play is easy lớn learn, và after a few games, you'll already be hooked.

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