Along with a new mix of powers, Doctor Strange"s new dilemma as a anh hùng in Avengers: Infinity War elevated aý muốn the best in the MCU.

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Doctor Strange using shields to fight Thanos on Titung in Avengers Infinity War MCU
Though fans were excited to have Doctor Strange in the MCU, his first solo movie didn"t exactly make hlặng the most interesting nhân vật in the cinematic universe. Doctor Strange served as an origin story for how the renowned surgeon Stephen Strange started his path of becoming the Sorcerer Supreme. It"s a quality origin tale that seemed lượt thích a logical starting point for the character as well as a way of introducing the mystical side of the MCU for the first time.

However, the movie had to lớn vì a lot of the heavy lifting of an origin story which didn"t allow for a lot of time lớn really develop Strange as an interesting nhân vật. It also didn"t help that, to lớn many fans, he felt like a clone of Tony Stark. As a result, Doctor Strange didn"t feel as exciting as some of the MCU"s newest heroes. Thankfully, Strange"s role in Avengers: Infinity War not only cleared up some of these issues, but it also introduced some exciting new elements to the character.

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Without the confines of an origin story, Strange felt lượt thích a richer và more distinct character. In Infinity War, he is an established sorcerer, no longer blindly following the other more experienced characters và asking questions. He feels knowledgeable about the mystic arts & takes his role extremely seriously. This sort of authority figure role for Strange made hlặng feel like the intelligent anh hùng fans had been expected rather than the arrogant and impatient one in his solo adventure. The fact that Strange also got lớn go head-to-head with Tony Stark in the movie helped show that these heroes were actually very different.

Doctor Strange hands over the Time Stone to lớn Thanos in Avengers Infinity War MCU
Aside from making Strange feel like his own character this time around, Infinity War also gave sầu him some impressive & interesting new developments. While the mystical fight scenes in the first Doctor Strange movie were fun, they didn"t feel like they were using magic in the MCU to lớn its full potential. However, Strange"s showdown with Thanos on Titan really showed how far his powers had evolved & how fun they could be. Strange proves to lớn be one of the heroes most capable of standing against the Mad Titan and their fight is perhaps the best action sequence in the entire movie. But as fun as it was lớn see Strange"s new bag of tricks, what really makes hyên interesting in this movie is his conflict as a nhân vật.

Steve Rogers is the quintessential anh hùng of the MCU & someone who will bởi vì everything he can lớn protect good people from evil. When it becomes clear what Thanos"s plan is, Vision suggests they might have to destroy hyên ổn and the Mind Stone in order khổng lồ ensure Thanos doesn"t get it himself. However, Steve sầu won"t hear of it & says "We don"t trade lives." It is a noble sentiment that fits with Steve"s endearing nature. But in Infinity War, Doctor Strange is given an entirely opposite point of view as a nhân vật. While the other heroes are concerned with saving the day, Strange is concerned with saving reality itself.

As Strange heads to Titung with Stark và Peter Parker, he tells Stark that his first priority is protecting the stone & he will let both Stark and Peter die if need be. It is a dark stance for a anh hùng khổng lồ take và it"s hard not to believe Strange when he says it. Initially, Strange"s warning to lớn Stark feels like a lazy set-up for his arc in the movie as it becomes obvious he will attempt to lớn save sầu Stark"s life at some point showing that he wasn"t so callous. Sure enough, this happens when Strange gives Thanos the Time Stone in order khổng lồ spare Stark"s life. This feels lượt thích a foolish move sầu & uncharacteristic of Strange, but as it turns out, he really was sacrificing Stark"s life to lớn ensure their victory.

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Benedict Cumberbatch in Doctor Strange
While on Titan, Strange uses the Time Stone to look at the various realities and possible outcomes of the coming battle. He sees that out of endless versions, there was only one in which they win. Given what happens in Avengers: Endgame, it seems that Strange saw that Stark would have to be the one to give sầu his life in order to defeat Thanos. By saving his life on Tichảy, Strange knows that Stark will survive sầu "the blip," start a family with Pepper, và have sầu a good life for five sầu years before having to die. By giving Thanos the stone, Strange is helping to lớn ensure that will happen. Before fading away in the blip, Strange tells Stark, "There was no other way." At the time, it feels like an apology for giving up the stone, but in retrospect, it is clear that it is an apology for what will happen to Stark. While he was willing to lớn doom Stark to lớn beat Thanos, that decision weighs heavily on hlặng.

It is an interesting dilemma for a nhân vật to face and a chạy thử most of the MCU heroes would fail. If Steve sầu Rogers saw that the only path for victory was Stark"s death, he would likely not accept that và bởi everything he could to change the future. But Infinity War proves that Steve"s traditional heroism doesn"t always work. "We don"t trade lives" is a nice idea, but it fails. Vision is killed, Thanos gets the Mind Stone, & half the universe is wiped out. That is a steep price to pay for Steve"s honorable sentiment. Strange seems to understvà sacrifice more and is willing to make those tough choices.

It also is an interesting conflict with this previous life as a doctor. Where he once took an oath to lớn do everything in his power lớn save sầu lives, he is now in a position where he must choose which lives are expendable. Even with all of his visually stunning powers, this is the most interesting aspect of Doctor Strange và one that will hopefully be explored in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

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