A quiông xã guide about mastering DMRs in the PUBG điện thoại game.DMRs are a combination of assault rifles và sniper rifles và can inflict significant damage on opponents.

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PUBG điện thoại has become popular among muốn gamers for its real-life inspired guns. All the guns available in PUBG điện thoại perkhung different roles from assaulting khổng lồ sniping.

One of the best weapon categories in PUBG điện thoại is DMR that comprises Mini14, SKS, & much more. These guns come with a decent fire rate and have sầu good damage per hit. In this article, we discuss about mastering DMRs in PUBG Smartphone.

DMR stands for Designated Marksman Rifles. These weapons are a combination of Assualt Rifles và Sniper Rifles.

In PUBG mobile, DMRs are the only weapons after Sniper Rifles that can be equipped with an 8x scope. DMRs help players spot opponents situated at a distance & dish out some significant damage to lớn them. There are currently six DMRs available in PUBG Mobile. They are as follows:

Mini14: 5.56mmSKS: 7.62mmSLR: 7.62mmQBU: 5.56mmVSS: 9mmMK14: 7.62mm

How khổng lồ master DMRs in PUBG Mobile?

#1 Tap Precisely:

A good DMR user in PUBG di động has a very precise aim.

In PUBG thiết bị di động, most of the DMR"s are single tap weapons. So, a player should train himself/herself enough so that he/she can connect most of the taps or shots on to an opponent"s body toàn thân.

All DMRs can inflict significant damage & can knochồng or kill enemies in 3-4 hits. A player must spkết thúc time in the training room practicing DMRs. These weapons are particularly helpful in maps like Miramar where oppnents can be easily spotted.

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#2 Tap Quickly:

DMRs require quichồng tapping skills & are very handy weapons in eliminating opponents.

Players can head lớn the training room to practice various drills available online khổng lồ perfect their single-tap skills.

These weapons are very helpful in the competitive sầu scenario of PUBG điện thoại as well. In the last zone fights, players can easily steal other players" kills và get more points for themselves.

#3 Choose the correct DMR:

The third point about DMRs is about choosing the correct DMR weapon.

Out of all DMRs in PUBG điện thoại, Mini14 (QBU in Sanhok) has the least amount of recoil as compared to lớn other DMR"s in the game. But the most powerful DMR in PUBG di động is MK14, which comes with 7.62 milimet ammunition.

This weapon is the most-feared weapon among all PUBG Mobile players. The weapon can be converted into lớn an Assault Rifle as it has both single and automatic fire mode.

So, whenever it comes to lớn choosing Mini14 và MK14 aao ước other DMRs. always prefer these two weapons over other DMRs in the game.

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