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Watch out Netflix. According lớn eMarketer, Disney will tie the streaming leader for market superiority by 2022.

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The research firm released its inaugural OTT subscription revenue forecast Tuesday morning, which predicted that Disney and Netflix will each garner more than $12 billion in domestic subscription streaming revenue. Netflix still comes out ahead with $12.95 billion, compared to Disney’s $12.36 billion, which includes revenues from Hulu and ESPN+.

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Disney+ alone is expected lớn surpass $4 billion in annual revenue in 2022 và come just shy of $2 billion this year ($1.95 billion). Last week, Disney revealed that Disney+ has surpassed 86 million global subscribers in its first 13 months và expects the streaming service lớn top 230 million by 2024. As of September, Netflix had 195 million subscribers worldwide.

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Disney+ is expected khổng lồ be profitable by 2024, with the peak of its losses coming next year. That is largely due khổng lồ the exorbitant nội dung investment, which will be as high as $8-9 billion in that one year alone. During a massive four-hour event, Disney unveiled a cavalcade of new programming that featured multiple series from Pixar, “Star Wars” và Marvel Studios.

“Hit shows like ‘The Mandalorian,’ Disney’s vast library, key distribution giao dịch, & a massive sầu sale push drove sầu strong initial growth in subscribers,” Eric Haggstrom, eMarketer forecasting analyst at Insider Intelligence, said. “It’s expected lớn continue to lớn grow off that base as it ramps up nội dung releases & brings some movies straight khổng lồ the service, instead of a theatrical release in some cases.”

For the entire streaming landscape, eMarketer expects revenue lớn jump nearly 30% to lớn $38.15 billion next year và another 19.4% in 2022 khổng lồ $45.55 billion.

“The subscription streaming landscape continues khổng lồ expand,” Haggstrom said. “The good news for dominant player Netflix is that while new services lượt thích Disney+ have sầu had successful launches, many consumers have been simply stacking services together.”

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