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A real promotion "asset" for Dead or Alive 5 Last Round

A couple of weeks ago, Andy reported on some worrying signs regarding the PC port of Dead or Alive 5 Last Round. The game is due out later today, and—based on Team Ninja"s own documentation—it seems the concern is warranted.

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Perhaps the biggest omission is the game"s online mode, which will be part of the PC version—just not for launch. "Currently the game only supports offline play," explains an official FAQ. "Online chơi game is planned khổng lồ be added at a later date."

Team Ninja"s Steam specification page goes a step further, suggesting that online play could take up khổng lồ three months. That page also categorises the game"s graphical effects as "equivalent to PS3 version". Shadows, meanwhile, are equivalent to lớn the PS4 version. How generous.

The Soft Engine is also missing from the Steam specification list. That, if you don"t know, is the engine designed lớn make skin look softer on PS4 and Xbox One. (Dead or Alive 5 is a very serious fighting game, don"cha know.) If all that wasn"t enough, two stages—The Danger Zone và The Crimson—are also missing from the Steam version. Because reasons.

Finally, as pointed out by this Steam forums post, there"s Dead or Alive 5 Last Round"s manual. It points out that players with certain characters in their Steam profile name may encounter problems saving their data. Also, if a player"s ID is changed, they may have problems saving or loading their data.

Dead or Alive 5 Last Round is designed to lớn be the definitive edition of the boob-heavy pummel-"em-up. Based on the current evidence, the PC version is falling short of that mark.

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