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Six months ago i wanted to lớn play an old map that did"t work from 1.23v of Warcraft III.I made it to lớn work on (1.)1.30++ patch and (2.)modded it for my brother and my purposes it"s all just fun.I wanted to integrate an (3.)AI inkhổng lồ this bản đồ but the AI is at (0.4 version) still needs much, much work.Have sầu fun. Don"t need any praise or anything as such. It"s all just nostalgia purposes for others lớn feel the nostalgia cause the maps did"t work for yeeears.This is NOT MY MAP AND I DON"T TAKE ANY CREDIT IN MAKING IT. I just made it work for patch after 1.30v và added simple AI.So i have:1. Fixed or deleted all JASS code that did"t let the bản đồ run2. Updated the environment.3. Artifical Inteligence (still in beta but fun anyway)DDay: Judgement
I BasicII HeroesIII ShopsIV History I BasicDDay: Judgement is a warcraft 3 custom bản đồ, based on 3 corridors map. You have two sides, Holy Forces & Damned Forces & you can choose which side you want khổng lồ fight for. Each side has main building (for Holy Forces it"s Castle; for Damned Forces it"s Blaông xã Citadel) and lớn score a win you have to lớn destroy an opponent"s main building. It won"t be easy because it is surrounded by three big towers & many more weaker towers. And also creeps, which respawn in ordered time, will try lớn stop you and of course enemy"s hero/es. Maximum number of players is 5vs5; for those who wants to play against AI, will have to wait because DDayteam have sầu started something about that; just be patient. II HeroesDDay: Judgement currently has 82 custom-made heroes. You will see many known characters from different universe (Marvel comics, Mortal Kombat, Final Fantasy, Starcraft, Warcraft and many more). Team continually works on nhân vật balance, in order that all heroes be equal so you can"t say that some nhân vật is weak. Remember that for all in your life you need practice to become good in it, so don"t expect that you will win some pro or average dday player after playing three khổng lồ five games. Practice, practice và only practice.

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About hero"s spells... Most of them are custom made, because we want lớn make original anh hùng with original spells. Of course there are Warcraft 3 original spells. For more information I"ll suggest you khổng lồ look inkhổng lồ our Heroes database. III ShopsItems in DDay: Judgement are 80% unique. For more information I"ll suggest you to lớn look into our Items database.You buy items in shops of course, but also you can buy creeps there which will help you in creeping and farming. DDay: Judgement can be hard game for those who are new in it because you don"t control only a hero; you will control also creeps which you can by in specific shops. You don"t need khổng lồ use them, but you will certainly chiến bại that game, because your experienced opponent will use them for sure. IV HistoryDDay: Judgement history begins in a year of Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos release. Soon after the birth of 3 corridors bản đồ (creators: ilPal and Zigzager), man with nickname Toosalty made a spin-off maps called 3 Corridors D-DAY và he was it"s editor until version 10.5p. That bản đồ later involved inlớn DDay Sequel map which was edited by MonkY (also known as DDay"s Legover ) và Armafire.After 14.0 version, that map was renamed inkhổng lồ D-Day: Judgement & it"s main editor was Monky. Map was so popular that it had several millions of fans all around the world. But life has to go on & MonkY had khổng lồ abandon dday"s creation & after his retreat there are several notable editors such as Alex and Daniel, eScpY until 19.0x series. number of map"s fans was decreased by bad changes. Dh-Neo became map"s editor & he postponed work on his previous project DDay: Deathmatch so he can work on DDay: Judgement & DDay: Xtremme bản đồ. Map becomes more popular than before. At the near over of 19.x era map"s editor Dh-Neo had to lớn retired (because fans wanted new version but Neo couldn"t find the time to lớn update.). After Neo, Markone, current editor, took over the challenging editing job. His first version was 19.9F, he dedicated the bản đồ credit lớn DDayteam as a whole.So as every other thing on the world even this bản đồ continues lớn evolve sầu and you will see what we are planning lớn do with it. Enjoy in this maps & if you want become part of it by helping lớn make it even better.


AuthorDh-NeoFilenameDday Judgment19.9b-1.30v(AI - 0.1) .w3xSuggested players2, 4, 6, 8, 10Players10Required gameWarcraft 3Recommended version1.30Dimensions110x94 (128x96)Size3.91 MBUploadedAquảng bá 15, 2019UpdatedNever
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Any particular changes from the one we have sầu on the site?Dday:Judgement trăng tròn.0feIf not, just making it work for newer patches doesn't cut it. You could ask for that one to lớn be replaced or post such a tệp tin on its thread instead.Can you get permission...
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