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Although it has practically died out in the consumer notebook sector, the compact 14" format is still one of the most popular styles of business notebooks. The Dell Latitude E64trăng tròn has some big shoes to fill in taking the reins from its successful predecessor, the E6410. Is it a credit to the Latitude series or does it bring shame to lớn Dell?

Our teaser article about Dell"s new business line-up from a few weeks ago stirred up an unusually high level of controversy in our forums. Aước ao the subjects of clashing opinions was the completely new case design. While some saw this as putting a friendlier face on the notebook, others argued the notebook design has lost all semblance of professionalism. But whatever your opinion may be, one thing"s for sure: the sharp, rigid design of the previous generation is no more! Now, the E64trăng tròn rather resembles the new XPS models.

Taking a look at the competition, Lenovo"s new Thinkpad T4đôi mươi remains loyal khổng lồ its predecessor, the T410—the design shows only minor modifications. HPhường, meanwhile, presents us with the complete opposite of Dell"s thiết kế in the form of their new Elitebooks. Its top-Mã Sản Phẩm, the HPhường. Elitebook 8460p, brings baông chồng the retro, "boxy" style which is likewise sure to lớn evoke some strong feelings one way or the other.

Latitude E6420
Thinkpad T420
Elitebook 8460p

Technically speaking, all notebooks are very similar. All try to lớn impress with their sophisticated security mechanisms, a wide range of use and, of course, the combination of high performance & long battery life. These will be—aao ước others—the main criteria for the following reviews since you can argue about which design is better until the cows come home page.

Like the design or not, this laptop is one of the sturdiest looking Latitudes of the series in recent years. The good choice of materials used in constructing the case of the Latitude E6420 are khổng lồ thank for this. We scanned the surfaces, looking for plastic but found it only around the keyboard and the screen bezel. The other surfaces consist of an aluminum-magnesium alloy
. Dell calls this composition Tri-Metal and refers multiple times to its adherence to various—albeit not very convincing—military standards.

The base unit is unbelievably warp-resistant thanks khổng lồ the sturdy magnesium frame that tightly cradles all the hardware inside. Unlượt thích many of its competitors, Dell proudly displays a bit of this magnesium frame peeking out of the notebook along the side edges. The base plate and case surface around the keyboard are joined to this frame & fastened to lớn it with screws: "Unibody toàn thân Lite" if you will.

Interior: magnesium-aluminum alloy

Our attempts lớn dent the surface had no effect whatsoever. This includes the display lid that won"t budge even a millimeter under pressure. According khổng lồ Dell, the display lid hinges are composed of tough steel, which is however not visible on the surface—as is the case with Lenovo Thinkpads—but is rather covered up a by a layer of magnesium. The display lid takes a bit of effort to tilt back but barely bobs baông chồng và forth after being adjusted. Like HPhường, Dell is stepping away from the approach of sticking individual rubber pads along the display to lớn soften closing. Instead, they"ve gone with a long rubber strip encompassing the entire screen, which should serve sầu to protect the screen and keyboard from dust particles getting in when the laptop"s closed. A single hook clasps the display shut.

Repairing or switching out hardware is quite easy. The hard drive sầu is secured by four screws, after removing which it can slide out from the case sideways. The rest of the hardware can be accessed by removing a cover along the bottom of the base unit which is fastened with a few more screws. The fans & heat sinks, the processor, memory, PCI module & the CMOS battery are all ready to lớn be tinkered with once the cover is off.

Taking another look at the competition (Lenovo T4đôi mươi, HPhường. 8460p), we see that the other contenders for your money also weigh a similar amount. The standard model of Lenovo"s T420 weighs in at 2.24kilogam, that is, with a 6-cell battery included. HP"s model with the smallest possible 3-cell battery comes khổng lồ 2.07kilogam, the same as the Dell E64trăng tròn with a 4-cell battery. The particular configuration we reviewed included a 9-cell battery (97Wh), bringing the gr& total up lớn 2.620 Kg. In terms of case dimensions, E64trăng tròn is the widest at 352 milimet. The Lenovo T4đôi mươi is 12 milimet less wide và the HP.. 8640p 14 milimet. The same is true for case depth: the front of the E64trăng tròn juts out about 10 milimet when placed side-by-side with its rivals. The Lenovo T4trăng tròn is the thinnest of the three at 30mm when closed (E64đôi mươi và 8460p both 32mm - all figures based on info from the manufacturers).

Now we get khổng lồ the selection & placement of ports on the E6420. Particularly the placement of the ports jumps out at you when you first look at the máy vi tính, which are found around the baông xã corners. On the left side toward the front, we find the Smartthẻ Slot followed by an exhaust vent, a combination headphone/microphone jachồng, a đồ họa port và a USB 2.0 Port. Around the corner at the bachồng, we continue with an RJ45 Ethernet port and the power connector.

At the right toward the front, we have sầu a 45mm Expresscard slot & underneath it the DVD drive sầu. After that come two USB 2.0 ports & a combined USB/eSATA port. At the baông xã toward the right we find an HDXiaoMI port & a Kensington Lochồng slot. Along the front we also find an SD thẻ reader.

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It"s disappointing that no USB 3.0 port is on board. Of course, the eSATA port offers faster transfer rates than USB 2.0, useful for transferring large files lượt thích when backing up data onto an external hard drive sầu. Still, the eSATA port isn"t used for many devices and doesn"t seem khổng lồ have much of a future to it. Newer external hard drives are USB 3.0 compatible, with eSATA slowly disappearing from the market. The optional USB 3.0 offered in place of the DVD drive doesn"t sound like a great trade-off because one: you"d miss out on the DVD drive sầu & two: you still have sầu lớn pay more for the USB 3.0 adapter (exact price not available). We see, however, that HP wisely chose to lớn include two USB 3.0 Ports (+eSATA) in its 8460p, while Lenovo—like Dell—has gone down the eSATA route for the T4trăng tròn.

Another important feature would be the choice of video clip output—HDXiaoMi MI 1.3 (according lớn Dell). Hopes of using multi-monitor setups (+2x24“ FHD via DualHead2Go) or high-resolution 30-inch (2560x1600) screens go down the drain, the only option being 180 triệu Euro more for the appropriate docking solution. HPhường and Lenovo, however have sầu the right idea in this regard, both the 8460p và T4trăng tròn have sầu a Displayport.

On the other h&, the placement of ports is excellent. Even without a docking station, the Latitude E64trăng tròn can be hooked up to numerous devices at once without cluttering up the surrounding workspace with cables. Speaking of docking stations: the E64trăng tròn can be hooked up to existing docking stations including: E-Legacy Extender, E-Port và E-Port Plus—if in doubt, speak with someone at Dell.

Left: Power nguồn, Ethernet, USB 2.0, card đồ họa, Mic/Headphone, Smartcard
Right: Expresscard, 2x USB 2.0, USB/eSATA, HDXiaoMI, Kensington, Modem (optional)

Internet và Bluetooth

As is typical of Dell, the Latitude E64đôi mươi with a wide array of options for connecting to lớn the internet. At the ground floor there"s, of course, a gigabit Ethernet port (Hãng Intel 82578LM). You also have sầu your choice of a Wifi thẻ from Hãng Intel (b/g/n) or from Dell bzw. a/g/n). The Latitude E64trăng tròn can also be equipped with a UMTS/HSPA module on request. The spot for the SIM card is found in the same slot as the battery, the antenna line for which was already ready-to-use when we got our reviews mã sản phẩm. With the appropriate module, this too can be upgraded later on down the line. Bluetooth 3.0 is optional, as is a built-in 56k-modem (V.92), which might come in handy if you"re traveling through rural or otherwise remote areas on a business trip, for instance.


Business professionals know that security cannot be overlooked when choosing a máy vi tính. To limit access lớn the máy vi tính, the Latitude E64đôi mươi comes with a smart card reader (contactless reader also available). You can even request a fingerprint scanner (FIPS standard available).

It"s also possible lớn install anti-theft software khổng lồ track the máy vi tính if stolen or remotely delete sensitive data. Note: you must opt inlớn such service BEFORE the act of theft & there are usually regularly scheduled payments associated with such services.


Since we"re dealing with a premium business máy tính here, Dell gives you your money"s worth by throwing in a standard three-year on-site service warranty with next-business-day repair. This minimizes the amount of time the máy tính xách tay has to be out of commission in case of a defect so that you won"t be delayed much in your work. If this cấp độ of service doesn"t cut it, you can always nâng cấp to Dell ProSupport (+145 Euro) which tacks on around-the-clochồng technical support over the phone including questions concerning software developed by third parties.

For the aggressive sầu or perpetually clumsy there"s additional coverage for damage inflicted by fluids spilled onto the laptop, power surges, dropping the laptop down long flights of stairs, etc. This coverage will run you an additional 150 Euro without theft protection or 240 Euro with theft protection for 3 years (excluding VAT).

Keyboard: New Layout


With the change in case kiến thiết comes a new keyboard layout khổng lồ get used khổng lồ. Ahy vọng the changes is the box of special function buttons at the top right corner, including the buttons "insert", "delete", and so forth. These buttons are now arranged in a single row in which the individual buttons are bit more bunched together than before. Also, the "page up" và "page down" buttons have made their way down to lớn just above the arrow keys. Although it might take some getting used to, the new layout doesn"t bring many restrictions with it—although the keys are definitely bunched together more.

Typing on this keyboard is quite comfortable. Keystrokes are firm, requiring a fair amount of pressure before they plop down, which gives them a very easy-to-feel pressure point. Even when jabbing away at the keys, the noise they make remains subtle & tolerable. A great feature is the keyboard backlight, which costs an additional 40 Euro but makes for easy-to-recognize keys no matter the lighting situation around you (convenient on the train, bus, plane, etc.). Naturally, this includes a water-resistant keyboard cover.


For moving the cursor across the screen, Dell provides us with two options here: trackpoint (aka pointstick) & touchpad. A few things have sầu changed here from the previous mã sản phẩm. The color of the keys has changed as well as the fact that the rubber circle of the pointstiông chồng is no longer completely blaông chồng. The trackpoint works incredibly well. The trackpoint on the Thinkpad T4đôi mươi reacted very similarly in side-by-side testing. Only the shape of the trackpoint on the Thinkpad is (in our opinion) better.

The multi-touch pad measures a conveniently large 8x4.5 centimet and has a nice, smooth surface. The multi-touch functions can be configured to your personal preferences via pre-installed software. The touchpad buttons are just as comfortable lớn use, having just the right depression depth & clicking almost silently.

The Dell Latitude E64trăng tròn comes with one of three types of 14" displays, that is, the screen measures 36 cm diagonally. On Dell"s trang web, the starter configuration with an LED screen has an HD resolution of 1366x768 pixels. This Mã Sản Phẩm can be upgraded khổng lồ respond lớn multi-touch gestures for an extra 70 triệu Euro. For users who"d lượt thích lớn have sầu more windows open at once, there"s also an HD+ screen available with a resolution of 1600x900 pixels (+40 Euro). This was the screen in our kiểm tra mã sản phẩm and is worth the extra price in our opinion

Just by looking at it, you can tell that this display shines very bright. This is confirmed by our measurement of a maximum of 320 cd/m² at the center of the screen and is quite high for a máy tính of its class. The average screen brightness is somewhat lower at 277 cd/m², the drop being attributable mostly to the dimmer corners of the screen. The brightness distribution comes lớn an okay 79.7%. Nevertheless, because of the overall very bright screen, differences in illumination cannot be detected with the naked eye. The Lenovo Thinkpad T4trăng tròn with an HD+ display shines a bit dimmer (max. 223 cd/m²) but has better picture contrast (162:1)—đánh giá coming soon.

Soon we"ll also have a Reviews of the lower-resolution HD display version (1366x768) of the E64trăng tròn. Also coming soon is a Reviews of the less expensive Latitude E54trăng tròn, also a 14" business notebook with an HD display. Most likely the same display is in place in the E5420 as comes standard for the E64trăng tròn series.

Distribution of brightness
Maximum: 320cd/m² Average: 277.7cd/m²Brightness Distribution:80 %Center on Battery: 320cd/m²Contrast: 127:1 (Black: 2.52cd/m²)36.68%AdobeRGB1998 (Argyll 2.2.0 3D)52.08%sRGB (Argyll 2.2.0 3D)35.38%DisplayP3 (Argyll 2.2.0 3D)

So how good does the picture look on this screen? Blacks appear not very saturated & the picture has a sort of cold color tone, that is, more of a xanh tone. Measuring the black cấp độ, we get an undesirably high 2.52 cd/m². Therefore, despite its high level of brightness, the screen only manages to reach a low contrast ratio of 127:1 (max. brightness, center screen).

As far as the color space goes (spectrum of colors that can be displayed), Dell isn"t serving up any delicacy, rather just the usual. neither Adobe RGB nor sRGB are covered. The WXGA+ display from the preceding mã sản phẩm, the E6410, is just about on par with this. It"s the same story with the HD+ screen in the Lenovo Thinkpad T4đôi mươi. Compared khổng lồ the Apple MacBook phiên bản Pro 13 or theDell XPS 15, the much narrower variety of colors that can be displayed on this screen is easy khổng lồ see.

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