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Facebook is one of the most popular social networking platforms where you can tóm tắt videos, images, và texts with your friends and family. This social truyền thông media site is usable by everyone, and that’s the reason why people can get addicted khổng lồ this platform! Some of them even use Facebook as a haven for illicit activities.Watch the first 60-seconds of this YouTube that shows How khổng lồ Hachồng a Facebook Account, and then come bachồng to the article where we show you the step by step of the Facebook Confirmation Code Hachồng.Due khổng lồ such forbidden hacking practices, for example – the Facebook 6 digit confirmation code hack, by malicious users, the meaning of Facebook has gradually been transforming. With the growing popularity of Facebook, it has obtained heightened attention from hackers.Sometimes, you might be awestruông chồng by how so many people have sầu successfully hacked a Facebook account. But, in fact, when one hacks someone’s Facebook account, it gives them a powerful feeling.Anyone who is a user of Facebook might be curious about how this seems lớn happen so much. Here’s a detailed guide that helps you know how Facebook accounts are hacked. Yes, you heard it right! Cheông xã out the process below.

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Hack a Facebook Account

Hacking a Facebook trương mục is a major query of mạng internet users today. It’s quite arduous to lớn figure out how lớn haông xã inlớn someone’s Facebook account. What happened was, a security researcher discovered a ‘simple vulnerability’ in the social network that enabled hlặng lớn effortlessly hack into any Facebook tài khoản. A hacker can do the following upon accessing someone’s account:
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View message conversationsPost anything on the victim’s wallView payment thẻ detailsYou can bởi vì whatever the real account holder can vì. Facebook bug bounty hunter Anand Prakash from India recently discovered a Password Rephối Vulnerability This is a simple, yet critical vulnerability that could have sầu yielded an attacker countless opportunities to lớn brute force a 6-digit code. Ultimately, if he hadn’t discovered this bug, a hacker would have been able khổng lồ reset people’s passwords on Facebook.

How Does the Flaw Work?

The password rephối vulnerability actually resides in the way Facebook’s beta domains manage ‘Forgot Password’ requests. Facebook allows users change their account password through Password Rephối method by authenticating their Facebook trương mục with a 6-digit code received via tin nhắn or text message.To assure the genuineness of the user, Facebook enables the account holder to try a handful of codes before blocking the account confirmation code. This is a result of Facebook’s built-in brute force protection that restricts a huge number of attempts.However, the security researcher Prakash discovered that the social truyền thông media giant had not implemented rate-limiting in its password reset method on the beta sites, beta.facebook.com and mbasic.beta.facebook.com. He attempted khổng lồ brute force the 6-digit code on the Facebook beta pages in the ‘Forgot Password’ window. He soon noticed that Facebook had not set a limit on the number of attempts for beta pages.

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Here’s the offending bug:

As per the explanation of the security researcher, the vulnerable POST request in the beta pages is:lsd=AVoywo13&n=XXXXXBrute forcing the ‘n’ successfully allowed the researcher lớn launch a brute force attack inlớn any Facebook account by setting a new password. Theoretically, this would allow hlặng khổng lồ gain complete control of any Facebook trương mục.Prakash (
sehacure) discovered the harmful vulnerability last month and reported it to Facebook on February 22. The social truyền thông giant fixed the vulnerable issue the very next day và paid hyên $15,000 USD as a reward considering the austerity & consequence of the vulnerability.

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