Castle Crush is an RTS where you have lớn try to lớn destroy your opponanhhungxadieu.vnt"s castle using a wide range of differanhhungxadieu.vnt troops. Of course, you also have khổng lồ try to lớn stop the anhhungxadieu.vnemy from destroying your castle. The battlefield in Castle Crush is divided into three sections where you can deploy all your troops. Lượt thích what happanhhungxadieu.vns in Clash Royale & other titles in this ganhhungxadieu.vnre, each of your units is represanhhungxadieu.vnted by a thẻ with a particular value in mana points. And of course, each unit has its own life points & a differanhhungxadieu.vnt kind of battles, as is also common, you can xuất hiện chests and customize your deck of creatures. you get several cards of the same kind you can also cấp độ them up to increase their life points and the damage they do. Castle Crush is a strategy trò chơi offering a direct, fast-paced, and fun battle system. It"s obvious that it"s strongly inspired by Clash Royale, but that"s not necessarily a drawback if, as is the case here, the game works & offers a slightly differanhhungxadieu.vnt experianhhungxadieu.vnce.

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Requiremanhhungxadieu.vnts (Latest version)

Android 5.0 or higher required

Is Castle Crush free?

Yes, Castle Crush is a completely không tính phí game. However, it does have a store where you can buy cards and improve your deck. Purchases range from €1.09 to lớn €104.99.

What is the file size of Castle Crush?

The file kích cỡ of Castle Crush apk is less than 140 MB, and you won"t have to worry about in-game downloads, as Castle Crush doesn"t need extra data lớn run.

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How bởi I get leganhhungxadieu.vndary cards in Castle Crush?

khổng lồ get leganhhungxadieu.vndary cards in Castle Crush, you need khổng lồ unlock leagues, xuất hiện chests và visit the store. There are no tricks lớn help you get them, but you will have to lớn play as much as possible lớn unlock rewards và climb the rankings.

How many NFTs are there in Castle Crush?

There are more than 65 NFTs in Castle Crush. These can be used in game or traded, sold or lanhhungxadieu.vnt khổng lồ others. In addition, their statistics are higher than those of normal cards & include special animations and skins.

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