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Earn certifications that show you are keeping pace with today’s technical roles & requirements. Select a job role to lớn discover certification paths.

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Data Engineer

Data Engineers design and implement the management, monitoring, security, và privacy of data using the full staông xã of data services.


Data Scientist

Data Scientists apply machine learning techniques to train, evaluate, and deploy models that solve sầu business problems.

AI Engineer

AI Engineers use Cognitive Services, Machine Learning, & Knowledge Mining to lớn architect & implement AI solutions.

DevOps Engineer

DevOps Engineers combine people, process, and technologies to continuously deliver valuable products & services that meet over user needs and business objectives.

Security Engineer

Security Engineers implement security controls & threat protection, manage identity & access, and protect data, applications, & networks.

Functional Consultant

Functional Consultants leverage Dynamics 365 và nguồn Platkhung to lớn anticipate và plan for customer needs.

Become Certified has certification paths for many technical job roles. Each of these certifications consists of passing a series of exams khổng lồ earn certification.

Fundamentals certifications

Recommended start. Igiảm giá for individuals just starting in giải pháp công nghệ or thinking about a career change.

Role-based certifications

Choose a role-based certification to lớn begin learning valuable job role skills.

Additional certifications

Explore specialty, Certified Educator, & Office technical certifications.

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How lớn prepare for certification understands everyone has different learning preferences so we provide certifications và training options throughout your certification journey.


Free learning paths lớn prepare

With Learn, anyone can master core concepts at their speed và on their schedule. Whether it’s a single module to lớn learn about a core task or exploring a topic fully through a collection of related modules.


Prepare with instructor-led training Learning Partners offer a breadth of solutions to suit your learning needs, empowering you khổng lồ achieve sầu your training goals. Certified Trainers have sầu completed rigorous training và have sầu met stringent technical certification requirements.

Find a Learning Partner

Our worldwide partner network delivers flexible, solutions-based, customized training in technologies.

Support for certifications & exams

Get help through support forums. A forums moderator will respond in one business day, Monday-Friday.

Browse all certifications và exams

Explore all certifications lớn take your career to lớn the next cấp độ. Certifications Certifications give a professional advantage by providing globally recognized & industry-endorsed evidence of mastering skills in a digital và cloud businesses.

Benefits of certifications

Upon earning a certification, 67% of tech professionals say they had greater self-confidence in abilities to perform in their jobs, 41% reported increased job satisfaction, and 35% saw a salary or wage increase.- 2018 Pearson VUE Value of IT Certification.

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of certified IT professionals say their expertise is more sought after within their organization.

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