Qiao-Chu He joined the anhhungxadieu.vn Buisness School in 2019. His main research area is operations management, và in particular, service và information systems. Applications domains include smart-cities OM, innovative sầu marketplace, socially responsible & sustainable operations. His major retìm kiếm methodologies include games with incomplete information, stochastic models, applied optimization.

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Employment History: 2018-2019 Visiting Assistant Professor Hong Kong University of Science và Technology 2016-2019 Assistant Professor University of North Carolimãng cầu, Charlotte, USA năm ngoái Data Scientist
WalmartLabs, Sunnyvale, USA năm trước Research Intern Schlumberger-Doll Retìm kiếm, Boston, USA

Education: 2011-năm 2016 Ph.D. in Operations Research, University of California, Berkeley, USA 2007-2011 B.Eng., Tsinghua University, Beijing

At anhhungxadieu.vn:

2019 Fall Mathematical Foundations for FinTech

2019 Fall 20trăng tròn Fall Data-Driven Service Operations Management

2021 Spring Advanced E-Commerce and Management

2021 Fall Smart Supply Chain Management


IEDA 4130 Simulation, Instructor

IEDA 3302 E-Commerce Technology và Applications

IEDA 4410 Data-Driven Supply Chain Management, Instructor

IEDA 4200 Design of Logistics và Production Systems, Instructor

At University of North Carolina, Charlotte:

SEGR 3105 Computational Method for Engineers II (Data Analytics in R), Instructor

SEGR 2105 Computational Method for Engineers I (Java Programming và Algorithms), Instructor

At University of California, Berkeley:

IEOR 252 Service Operation Management (Graduate), Teaching Assistant

IEOR 241 Data Analysis và Risk Management (Graduate), Graduate Student Instructor

IEOR 263 Applied Stochastic Process (Ph.D. Course), Graduate Student Instructor

IEOR 267 Queueing Theory (Ph.D. Course), Teaching Assistant

IEOR 172 Probability Theory (Undergraduate), Graduate Student Instructor

IEOR 268 Applied Dynamic Programming (Graduate), Teaching Assistant

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Journal Publications

Journal Publications:

“On-dem& service delivery under asymmetric information: priority pricing, market selections & horizontal substitutions,” with Xiaoshuai Fan, Ying-Ju Chen và Hai Yang. Accepted at International Journal of Production Economics, 2021.

“Smart Energy Storage Management via Information System Design”, with Yun Yang, Lingquan Bai và Baosen Zhang. Energy Economics (2020).

Zhong, Xiang, Ailing Xu, Qiaochu He, và Aditya Mahadev Prakash. “Modeling và Analysis of E-Consults in Primary-Specialty Care Referrals.” IEEE Transactions on Automation Science và Engineering (2020).

Qiao-Chu He, and Ying-Ju Chen. “Dynamic pricing of electronic products with consumer Đánh Giá.” OMEGA, the International Journal of Management Science (2017).

Qiao-Chu He. “Virtual items trade in online social games.” International Journal of Production Economics 187 (2017): 1-14.

Yang, Yun, Qiaochu He, và Xiaolin Hu. “A compact neural network for training support vector machines.” Neurocomputing 86 (2012): 193-198.

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Zhang et al. “A study on the method for cleaning and repairing the probe vehicle data.” IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems 14, no. 1 (2013): 419-427.

“Service Operations for Mixed Autonomous Driving: Lane Design & Cross Subsidy,” with Lan Lu & et al. Major revision at Production and Operations Management.

“Integrated Infrastructure Planning for Edge Computing with Strategic Network Formulation”, with Wenjuan hou and Lan Lu. Major revision at European Journal of Operational Research.

“Escape the Black-Holes: Predictive Maintenance for Free-Float Bicycle Sharing Systems”, with Shichen Zhao and Lan Lu. Submitted.

“Selling investment goods in developing economies with present-biased consumers,” with Ying-Ju Chen and Zuo-Jun Shen. Submitted.

“Coopetition between public transit & ride-souring services”, with Zheng Zhu, Ailing Xu & Hai Yang. Submitted.

“Dynamic Re-balancing Strategy in Free-Float Bicycle Sharing Systems: Orbit Queues and Two-Sided Matching.” With Zhi Pei and et. al., submitted.

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