Based on the review of Onmyoji Arena. Today, we are going khổng lồ give you a review about a character on the game called Chin.

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Game Preparation


1. Hawk Bow(Main Item)
This is the second main item’s for Chin. Its passives will activated each time you hit the enemies 6 times.However, added with the thành tích hawk bow, you will only need lớn hit the enemies 2 times khổng lồ activate the passive. It is because each time you attack by having an cửa nhà Hawk bow, the system will automatically think that you hit 3 times. Which makes it possible to do some thành tích combo.
3. Red Mark Katar(Life Steal Item)
Otenta is one of your damage dealing thành phầm that lets kill most of the enemies.You can also buy this chiến thắng first, but i recommend it after you see your team mates.If you can be more aggressive then buy this. However, if your teams is not that good, farm first & buy Hawk Bow or Heaven’s Thunder first.

This is the công trình sets for chin, notice that i only buy the first tier of life steal. It is because when you are using Chin, her attack tốc độ is already fast, added with her basics attack và the cống phẩm hawk bow, you will be getting a tons of life steal from your basic attacks.

I don’t recommend the use of boots for chin, however, you can still buy some for roaming if you want to, but sell them at the late game for attack penetration. For Chin’s 5th and 6th items, i recommend you lớn buy Juzumaru & Tsurumaru.

Juzumaru has the same passive’s as Chin basic passives, it making pretty useful, especially with the added attack speed, and Tsurumaru is useful for every shikigami especially tank & support.

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For Onmyodo, i recommend movement speed, because i don’t use boots. Armor penetration for more harassing in the early game, and crit damage for late game. Shatter will easily kill a squishy enemies, while fox blaze will be useful in a late game, so that you won’t need khổng lồ buy tanking items. Panther Maul will be useful especially in early game added with Chin’s passives.

Skill Combination:

Chin is a marksman with a high attack speed, because of that. I recommend you guys khổng lồ take:Skill 2, Passives(Skill 1) và Skill 3, after that nâng cấp skill 1 & 2 first, take ultimate whenever you can & lvl skill 3 last.

Chin excel in her high attack speed. So just use plenty of items passives, lượt thích Juzumaru & Heaven’s thunder. However, remember that she is easily killed by any heroes including tank especially in the early game. Which is why, i recommend you lớn pair her up with any tanker, or tư vấn tanker for example Kuro, or Umiboshi.

Use her second skill buffs that will increase her attack speed whenever you are going on a war, or if you can coordinate with your team mates, try lớn go around with your tanker, và hit them.

Use flash if needed. Your third skill is useful for laning, farming or even slowing down the enemies shikigami that is preparing for war. Apart from that all, you will usually just use your second skill buff and basics attack. Just remember to farm a lot first before you start mowing down the enemies team.

And there you have it a good guide for Chin. For other heroes guide you can click

“Onmyoji Arena Tips và Tricks : Guide for Most Heroes!”

Who else that you want us to nhận xét next? phản hồi below. Thanks và have a nice day!

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