The world’s largest gaming company, Tencent Games, is back with yet another exciting release for iOS và Android devices in the form of Chess Russ. With PUBG MOBILE, Arena of Valor, và CrossFire: Legends leading the company’s pack of thiết bị di động games, it’s indisputable khổng lồ say that avid mobile gamers are either very much into or at least be familiar with Tencent Games’ titles. Most of Tencent Games’ apps have earned highly positive reviews from players and as far as downloads are concerned, PUBG mobile tops the danh sách with over a hundred million downloads accumulated from the Google Play Store alone. With the company’s reputation for unique and success, it’s no surprise lớn see new games from them to lớn almost always be an instant hit.

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Tencent Games’ latest mobile title Chess Rush is the company’s take on the highly popular auto battler genre. Released just a little over a week ago, Chess Rush has quickly proven itself lớn be a massive success as the current đứng đầu trending trò chơi on the Google Play Store & very well within vị trí cao nhất ten lists in more than trăng tròn countries. Although it offers everything all other tự động chess games have, Chess Rush, from the title itself, prides itself as the fastest-paced game in the genre with the availability of turbo mode that cuts round times by half. On đứng top of it, the anime-styled art & overall neat graphics gives you a good idea of how much time & effort has been invested into creating the game. If you have yet to dive into the tự động hóa battler genre or have played one or a couple before và still looking for one better suited to lớn your taste, then don’t hesitate to tải về and try Chess Rush out.

Much lượt thích any tự động hóa battler game, Chess Rush sets you up on the role as a commander who must gather your troops to lớn defeat 7 other players in a board arena. With over 50 heroes lớn choose from, having synergy in the team you use as well proper placement of troops on the grid will be crucial strategic aspects of each battle that you must learn to lớn master. One full run consists of a series of matches as your growing army is pitted against armies of other player. The last man standing wins but, win or lose, each match presents various learning opportunities to improve your tactics and overall performance for succeeding matches.

Auto battle or auto chess games are generally easy to pick up & play & even if you are a total beginner to lớn games và the genre itself, Chess Rush provides an in-depth tutorial that makes it easy for practically everyone khổng lồ get a good grasp of the game’s mechanics in a short span of time. Even if you have played other auto battler games before, though, it still helps khổng lồ go through the tutorials at the start of the game. In essence, anyone can get better in this trò chơi with some time & dedication invested into the game as well as some patience khổng lồ learn & remember what each heroes and equipment can vị for quicker decisions within the match. Beyond actually playing through matches time and again, our Chess Rush beginner’s guide offers plenty of tips, cheats và strategies lớn help you dominate the battle arena.

1. Play Through The Tutorial & A Couple Of Practice Matches

Chess Rush, lượt thích any other auto battler game, is truly easy to pick up và play but definitely hard to lớn master. It is true that there is a bit of luck involved in draws as you choose the heroes who will khung part of your team and likewise rely on luck for duplicates you need to cấp độ up your heroes và make them more formidable for the succeeding battles. Despite this, the outcome of matches will still heavily rely on the considerations you have when picking the best from the available heroes & your ability khổng lồ blend them all together to have a team that can perform better than the opposing player’s team.


Regardless of how good you are in other strategy games, it will be especially challenging lớn achieve victory in Chess Rush, as well as other tự động chess games, on your first few matches. Considering the vastness of possible strategies that stem from anh hùng combinations & formations available, you will have khổng lồ really spend a lot of time experimenting with some combinations of heroes, considering each hero’s class & race as well.

For starters, when the game asks you about whether you are a newbie or an expert in the tự động battler genre, you should choose to lớn pick that you are a newbie even if you have already played one or a couple of other tự động chess games before. The tutorial will help you be familiar with the basic mechanics of the game và some changes in how things go as compared with other games within the genre. If you are a total beginner, then this is a must. Try & read through each explanation as you will definitely pick up a lot of ideas on how khổng lồ stand well on your own on the initial matches that follow prior lớn being able to lớn freely select the trò chơi mode you want lớn spend time on.

It would be a necessary experience to lớn dive into a couple of matches first before you dig deeper into learning what each anh hùng does in relation to lớn each one’s class and race. So once you are able to lớn choose game modes, simply tap on the trò chơi mode icon beside the play button and go for some practice rounds. Be sure lớn try as many of the heroes first-hand and have a mindset that you are playing lớn learn and not lớn win yet.

2. Know What Each nhân vật Can Do

Once you have gained some experience in actual matches, what you should do is khổng lồ browse through the heroes available & read through what each one can do as well as their respective classes & races. You can access the menu of heroes by tapping on the heroes icon at the lower left side of the screen.


While it is only natural lớn have your preferences as khổng lồ which heroes you would want lớn have và work on, it simply doesn’t work that way in tự động hóa chess games. As each round begins with a random roster of 5 heroes to choose from, chances are that you won’t have a high chance of banking the heroes you want the most to lớn be a part of your team. Considering the huge roster of over 50 heroes currently in the trò chơi as well, you will want khổng lồ be able khổng lồ have a good idea of how most, if not all, heroes work as you will often find yourself in situations where you will have to bởi with whoever is available.

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Beyond each hero’s chất lượng stats và special abilities, their class và race equally impact the tide of battle. With numerous perks that unlock once you hit a certain number of heroes belonging to lớn the same race or class, & with each buff increasing potency as the number grows, you should also consider reading through what each class và race buff can do prior lớn proceeding to casual và ranked matches. Keep in mind as well that the buffs only count unique heroes so placing 2 or more of the same anh hùng in battle won’t activate these buffs.

3. Take Advantage Of Recommended Heroes and Formations

As the luck of the draw may not always be on your side on each trò chơi or even on each round, you may find yourself seeing different sets of heroes round after round & be left with no opportunity lớn rank any of the ones you have up. As you should know early on, 3 of the same heroes combined gives you a higher ranked one with twice as much power. While the idea is supposed to lớn revolve around ranking as many of your heroes as possible, you have to be ready as well lớn fill in the anh hùng spots from the available choices you have.

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If you are in a situation where you can’t decide from among the heroes in your roster as khổng lồ which ones khổng lồ use, you can click on the recommended heroes button và be presented with some choices. On the other tab, you can also choose lớn go with the recommended formation. At some point in time, you will be able to lớn formulate better battle rosters and formations than what the A.I. Is recommending but if you are just starting out, these features can help you out a lot especially considering the limited preparation time in-between rounds.

4. Focus On Creating An Elite Team Formation

If you have played some strategy games before that works around formations, then you already have an idea how it generally works. If you are a total beginner to the concept itself, then you should know that formation is at least as important as your selection of heroes và in some cases can even be more important. As we mentioned earlier that luck pretty much impacts the heroes you will have on your team, no amount of bad luck can ever put you down if you have practical knowledge on how to place each of your available heroes on the grid. Team formation can work wonders on any battle và can even win you a round despite having lower ranked heroes than the opposing team, provided of course that the gap in nguồn is not that tremendous.


Basically, heroes can attack at close range or long range & naturally what you would want is khổng lồ have your melee heroes up front as they are typically tougher than ranged units. If you have spent some time reading through each hero’s profile, then you should know which of the melee units have higher hp than others and which ones have higher attack values. With this, the tanks or at least the tankier heroes ought khổng lồ be strategically positioned at the front lines.

Ranged heroes, whether archers or mages are typically good damage dealers but lack the defense values to lớn survive a lot of damage. As such they should typically be situated at the back but not that far behind the front liners so they can contribute to deal damage to the enemy’s front line heroes.

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With numerous heroes that can cause AoE damage as well as massive status effects, you should also refrain from lumping every one so close together. With some heroes capable of instantly teleporting lớn the rear over of the opposing side, you should also consider designating a protector or bodyguard for the back over heroes of your team.

Remember that these are just general tips & formulating your very own formation ought khổng lồ be as flexible and dynamic as the roster of heroes you will have on each trò chơi as well as in-between rounds. The idea is to lớn formulate one that suits the best heroes you have on your team và doing so within the limited time provided in-between each round. Truthfully enough, it won’t be a simple task lớn master formations, but as you play, you can take bits và hints of what generally works from recommended formations as well as your opponent’s phối up.

5. Remember to lớn Equip Items

Most PvE rounds in Chess Rush offer you a chance lớn gain equipment for your heroes via the treasure chest sitting at the right side of the board. Although it noticeably glows whenever there are items in it, you may miss it as you closely watch the intense battle between you army và the opposing team.


Although gears that drop are random and there are no lists that provide an idea of what each one can vày outside of an actual match, you can still see a brief description of the equipment you acquire by tapping on the chest once it glows, và then tapping on the equipment’s icon at the right side of the screen. Another tap is all it takes to lớn equip it on a hero or to upgrade the one that is already equipped. As this can give you some advantage in battle, be sure to equip each one as quickly as you acquire it. Be sure lớn match it as well to lớn your current needs in battle based on the classes in your battle roster.

6. Manage Mana Crystals và Rerolls

Part of the standard mechanics in auto battler games is the existence of currencies within the arena that you gain after each round that you, in turn, use to purchase heroes và upgrade your commander to lớn unlock more hero slots. Basically, the choice is to lớn either spend it on a nhân vật or save it for later as better ones may become available on the next round. It may seem lượt thích the choice would depend on the initial sets of choices laid out for you, but then there are general rules to lớn follow to raise your chances of doing better sooner or later within the match.

For starters, set your eyes on a limited variety of heroes that has combos as a result of their classes or races. Keep in mind that there Is a limit as khổng lồ how many heroes you can deploy on the board & to keep benched on the waiting line & as much as possible, you would want khổng lồ avoid spending mana crystals on heroes you won’t be able to lớn use at all. Although selling heroes to get back a crystal can be done, you would want lớn avoid that and instead ngân hàng on saving your mana crystals.

For one, saving mana crystals for later is important as multiple copies of the hero you already have may appear on the next roster of heroes for hire on the next round. Additionally, you want to save some mana crystals as you will have lớn make rerolls later on for that one missing copy of a anh hùng to rank up one of your troops. Another important consideration is that mana crystals can be used instead khổng lồ rank up your character and be able lớn unlock additional slots lớn deploy more heroes for combat. Last, but not the least, you can gain additional crystals at the over of each round based on the number of crystals you have on you for that round. With this, the more crystals you save, the more you will earn and although saving up early on may put you at a disadvantage on earlier rounds, spending them carelessly will not guarantee a better performance and also risk winding you up for a losing streak.

It would really be a lot of fun to have friends in the game to practice and play co-op with so, hopefully, you will be able to lớn grab some as you play Chess Rush. With a last reminder that practice makes perfect, this is where we will kết thúc our Chess Rush beginner’s guide. We hope you found the tips, cheats and strategies we shared to be helpful and that you enjoyed reading our article. If you have discovered other tips or tricks that you would like to chia sẻ with us, then feel không tính tiền to leave us a message in the bình luận area below!

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