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If the update is still unavailable, the user can wait for the official update notification or flash the stable update by downloading it from the company"s forum.

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Xiaomi started rolling out MIUI 9 for Redngươi chú ý 4 and Mi Max 2 last week. The users of these devices can tải về the update via OTA or flash the stable update by downloading it from the company"s forum.

The company has claimed that the rest of the devices that qualified for the MIUI 9 update will start receiving it by the kết thúc of this month. Earlier this month, the company confirmed the devices that will receive MIUI 9 update. It is suggested that users keep a back up for all their data before beginning the boot-process.

The new software was launched alongside the Xiaongươi Redmi Y1 & Redmày Y1 Lite, which will also recieve the update by mid-november. Considering that these new low-specked devices will get the update early, most other Xiaomày devices might also recieve the update within this month.

During the launch sự kiện the company compared the MIUI 9 with Samsung"s TouchWiz on J7 Max. The MIUI 9 was able to lớn open & close 34 apps in comparison to lớn cảm biến Wiz"s 16. Samsung J7 Max was also compared lớn measure lag-times in between switching apps. Xioami claims the Samsung device takes 45 per cent higher time than the Redmày Note 4 that was operating on MIUI 9. The company even claimed to be as fast as Android stock version.

The MIUI 9 makes changes in the notifications shade. The user will have sầu multiple styles of notifications. The notifications will also be bundled in accordance with the application. The user will be able lớn interact with updates within the notification shade. The split screen can be initiated by using the open applications page. Ibé animations have been integrated to lớn the new MIUI 9.

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Features like Smart Pholớn editing will let the user edit background distractions within images without much hassle.

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MIUI 9 also has a shortcut page on the left of the trang chính page. Similar khổng lồ the Google Now launcher, the user will just have lớn swipe right lớn open the shortcuts. Mi Video App now supports popular đoạn phim formats và also facilitates automatic grouping of videos.

Xiaongươi has also introduced various India-centric features in the new MIUI 9. IRCTC text messages with ticket details will be received in a card format. Indian festivals have also been included on the Mi Calendar application. The company has also launched stickers specially made for India along with a new Limitless theme.

These are the devices that will receive sầu the new MIUI 9:

2017XiaoMi MI Mix 2, Mi lưu ý 3, Mi 6, Mi Max 2, Redngươi chú ý 4, Redngươi Note 4X, Redmày chú ý 5A, Redmi 4, Redmi Y1, Redngươi Y1s

2016Mi Mix. Mi lưu ý 2, Mi 5, Mi 5s, XiaoMI 5s Plus, Mi Max, Mi Max Prime, Redmày chú ý 3, Redngươi 3, Redngươi 3s, Redmi 4, Redmày 4A

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