What Do You Think Will Happen In Boruto Chapter 49?

Isshiki on the “Prepared” Title Cover (Image: Boruto Manga Chapter 49)

While ‘Prepared’ offered an enjoyable chapter in the Boruto manga series, I can understand if it ended up disappointing certain fans.

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When the previous manga chapter showed Isshiki hovering above Konoha, numerous tín đồ theories appeared online. There were videos & blog posts about what Isshiki was going to lớn do. Many thought he was going to lớn destroy the entire village to lớn force Naruto khổng lồ handover Kawaki. Other fans began talking about scenarios that would have allowed ninjas from the older generation to fight Isshiki.

Personally, I wanted khổng lồ see ninjas like Rock Lee, Kakashi, Might Guy, and Sakura get a chance khổng lồ face Isshiki while Naruto và Sasuke protected Kawaki or arrived at the scene. I would have also been okay with naruto or Sasuke teaming up with another powerful ninja khổng lồ try and stop a massive threat. But none of that happened. The current battle ended up involving Naruto, Sasuke, và Boruto. Sigh!

I wonder if the current Boruto manga will ever allow the older generation (except for Naruto and Sasuke) to lớn get a moment lớn shine. Naruto featured some amazing sequences involving older ninjas. I still have my fingers crossed that Boruto will allow certain characters to do something. I would love lớn see the previous Team 7 (Naruto, Sasuke, & Sakura) working together again.

As for what happened in the latest chapter, ‘Prepared’ showed Isshiki trying to find Kawaki. Even though he had the Byakugan lớn look through walls, the process was similar to lớn searching for a needle in a haystack and Isshiki didn’t have time khổng lồ waste.

I don’t know about you, but I’m digging Isshiki’s politeness. He doesn’t kill unless he has to. Also, kudos to the random shinobi who attacked Isshiki. While it didn’t vị anything, at least, the random shinobi didn’t freeze up in front of such an enemy.

Another moment I liked involved naruto trying khổng lồ intimidate Isshiki. I laughed when naruto told Isshiki he had numerous outstanding shinobi in the village & that Isshiki should leave them alone. It didn’t work, but I don’t blame na-ru-to for trying.

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‘Prepared’ gave us some interesting character-focused moments between Sasuke and Boruto. Our young nhân vật shared that while he was scared of dying, he wouldn’t hesitate khổng lồ put his life on the line lớn protect others.

Boruto’s clearly worried about Momoshiki’s Karma seal. Losing control of his body toàn thân could mean hurting those he loved. In a sense, Boruto’s battle against Momoshiki was similar lớn how na-ru-to fought against the Nine-tailed beast sealed inside of him. However, while naruto was able lớn befriend Kurama, I don’t think Boruto will be able khổng lồ befriend Momoshiki.

While the entire chapter had a serious tone, I think the most serious moment occurred when Sasuke told Boruto how he wouldn’t hesitate to lớn kill the young hero if Momoshiki was able to lớn take over his body. Sasuke knew na-ru-to wouldn’t be strong enough to lớn make such a decision. So, will Sasuke have to lớn fight a Momoshiki-possessed Boruto down the line? Well, I wouldn’t say no.

The final few pages of this chapter included Sasuke taking Isshiki by surprise. Sasuke’s entrance was quite cool. He then proceeded lớn throw his sword at Isshiki which turned out khổng lồ be Boruto in disguise. I liked Boruto’s plan lớn teleport Isshiki away from the village so Sasuke và Naruto could fight the enemy without holding back. With Boruto offering support, let’s see if the well-known Hokage and Uchiha are able to lớn harm Isshiki.

Some thoughts and questions:

Do you think another Kara member will attack Kawaki in Sai’s secret bunker while Naruto, Sasuke, and Boruto kept Isshiki busy?Do you think na-ru-to or Sasuke will die during the current battle?Ino has continued to lớn prove her usefulness. Good for her (and her fans).

All in all, this was a highly enjoyable manga chapter. What did you think of ‘Prepared’?

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