JAN 21, 2016


seems there issue with Intel, HD graphic card, so what ever they did in the path just remove the specs for that y laptop ran 3 clients no problem . I didn"t need lớn stimulate pc máy tính xách tay world mine works fine. But when i buy new one & fails lớn work are going to reimburse me, và all the others who wasted time money on you what eve reason you decided make or equipment obsolete, instead fixing your own garbage.

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here I leave the links of a đoạn clip that I made with the error (this happens khổng lồ a friend, not me) https://youtu.be/uYV8KSTpX0g

Since the maintenance of May 5 that I cannot log in due lớn this "error" I already tried everything, even formatting the pc ...https://prnt.sc/12ltvpd

I already tried everything I could do and nothing solved it scan files reinstall l2 antivirus exception repair windows update windows format pc start game as administrator disable s

Innova"s client has the same issue.

Waiting for JP client updating..

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I have the solution and it works, nothing that NCSoft has proposed worked.Solution: install windows 7 but the version that has the updates up to lớn date (January 2020 at least).I have intel HD video, it is notebook and pentium M processor and it works

found something on the internet... Here AVG i think it"s an antivirus program, to địa chỉ "exceptions" to lớn certain .exe prgrams.

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though it"s blade & soul anhhungxadieu.vn, but it"s using ncsoft anti-hack detection technology... Same company... Who knows if this will help anyone

Hello lord. I"m having the same "win license" problem... Could you fix it? how? What is that "jp clirnt"? Thank you và greetings!

Hello. I have two identical notebooks... One works smoothly. In the other one there is no case, I can not enter the game. "Win License" error.... Were you able to fix it? Thank you!


4 Ram

HD video clip Graphics

Beyond the software I use, both are identical, they are the same notebook. The subject here is because one can"t, I don"t think the one that can be lucky...


Hello lord. I"m having the same "win license" problem... Could you fix it? how? What is that "jp clirnt"? Thank you và greetings!

Japanese client*

As people say, install windows 7 và you will be able to lớn play.

I just bought new machine.



It was a Windows Driver component issue(MS/Intel fixed it?), that only impacted intel CPUs using Intel đoạn clip at desktop, and switched to lớn discrete AMD/GeForce 3D video when Launching a Game, if there is a BIOS setting lớn set AMD/GeForce as Primary instead of Intel, that would have fixed it too.

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