New Colors Celebrate the Holidays & Offer Users Choice khổng lồ Best Suit Their Styles

A few weeks ago at the Enterprise Portfolio launch, John Chen gave you a glimpse of the red Passport. It’s available for North American customers to lớn pre-order starting today from và will be on sale on November 28th. Customers in the United States may also buy it from We’re introducing a trắng Passport as well, just in time for the holiday shopping season. It is available on for pre-order, today & the trắng Passport is also available for pre-order, in the U.S., from

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When you combine this news with the recently-announced đen Friday giảm giá khuyến mãi for the Passport in black, enthusiasts definitely have something khổng lồ celebrate. Scroll down right away if you’re impatient lớn see some beauty shots of these new models.

In a press release, John Chen, Executive Chair & CEO at, had this khổng lồ say:

“We are thrilled with the positive reception the Passport has received since we launched in September. The introduction of the red & the white Passport colors underscores our commitment khổng lồ break through the sea of rectangular, all-touch devices, offering different styles that meet di động professionals’ personalities.”

For months, the chất lượng Passport has been turning heads – in any color – because of its shape, large square touchscreen and incredibly innovative touch-enabled keyboard. I’ve been using the black model for months now . . . Và mine is performing amazingly. Don’t just take my word for it: The 4.8 out of 5 rating on Amazon speaks volumes. Though, admittedly the geek inside me wants to get my hands on a red Passport ASAP. Just look at it!


With the powerful battery life, productivity apps available in World and swath of android apps  via the Amazon Appstore, these new models will no doubt be on the wish danh mục of productivity devotees worldwide who want to Work Wide (see what I did there?).

If you like what you’re reading, you can pick up the Passport today from If red or trắng isn’t for you, you can get a fantastic khuyến mãi on the Passport in black.

Online pre-orders for red và white begin khổng lồ roll out on November 24 & they go on sale November 28 through and for delivery in North America.

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More details about market availability will be announced in the coming weeks. If you’re eager & want to lớn learn more about the Passport, check out Or learn how khổng lồ pair it with Blend by visiting

Let us know how you feel about the #RedPassport or #WhitePassport. . . Full-on high resolution beauty shots below.

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And don’t forget:

The Passport has the best runtime among ALL rivals*:

Runtime Passport 30 hours
Samsung Galaxy S5 23 hours
iPhone 6 21 hours
iPhone 6 Plus 25 hours

(*Based on third-party lab testing sponsored by, under 4G & 3G wireless conditions, using a mixed-usage profile. Results will vary by carrier & network conditions.)


Pricing and Availability

You can get your factory-unlocked Passport from at these links:

Black (currently $599, regular $699)

White (currently $599, regular $699)

Limited Edition Red: $699

…and at Amazon HERE, with AT&T offering it for $649.99 unsubsidized or $199.99 with a 2-year contract. The Passport is also available in Canada via Rogers for $249 và Telus (for as low as $150 up front) and other carriers.

For those outside the North American market, you can get your Passport directly from us at our global shopping portal HERE.

(Check with your local carrier for device compatibility.)



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