Biti’s Hunter sneaker, launched in năm nhâm thìn, received little attention only to lớn be resurrected by kinh doanh campaigns by Son Tung MTP and Soobin Hoang Son

Biti’s brvà manager Nguyen Phu Cuong worked for Samsung và Pepđắm đuối, then applied what he learned to lớn the local brand.

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Why did Biti’s decide to introduce the Hunter sneaker line?

Vietnam has been rapidly developing economically in recent years. The 9x and 10x generations are switching khổng lồ local sneakers from global brands because sneakers are a very personal thing. They strongly represent the style of the person wearing them.

Retìm kiếm showed that the Vietnamese sneaker market was divided into three sectors. Firstly, are international labels like Nike, Adidas, Vans, và Converse. This sector is the most costly và primarily foreign-dominated.

Second, there’s the middle sector, or mid-range. We found this segment has relatively few players. This sector caters to people who want authentic brands over fakes, but who are not willing khổng lồ invest so much in a premium pair.

Finally, there’s the low-kết thúc. This consists of either knockoffs, or cheap local brands—with no guarantee of chất lượng.

This helped us to realize that the Vietnamese market still yearns for locally-produced sneakers at an affordable price, with high-chất lượng production, & beautiful designs. And that is how Biti’s Hunter came about.

Biti’s Hunter, the sneaker that rebirthed the br&. “The 9x và 10x generations are switching to lớn local sneakers from global brands because sneakers are a very personal thing.”

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What does Biti’s have sầu that other brands don’t?

Biti’s is a Vietnamese Brand in Vietphái nam. That’s the biggest advantage. With over 36 years on the market, Biti’s can say we confidently understvà what consumers want here. Plus, we can engage a local production chain khổng lồ quickly produce products that are on-trkết thúc.

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Biti’s Hunter had a very successful kinh doanh campaign in 2017. What was the direction of the campaign?

By the beginning of 2017, Biti’s Hunter had been on the market for about nine months. But the level of consumer awareness was really low. We pinpointed Tet as a good time to lớn rebuild our brvà. Whereas international brands could afford to lớn invest heavily in advertisements, we only had VND 3 billion in our budget.

Rather than break the budget up & reduce risks, we focused on two key activities. One-third of our budget went on the Biti’s Hunter Son Tung MTP music đoạn Clip “Lac Troi,” and the rest went to Soobin Hoang Son và Tien Cookie for their “Di De Tro Ve” music đoạn Clip. We hit our target customers & the message spread.

Were there other elements of the chiến dịch that helped it to lớn be successful?

Biti’s also collaborated with micro-influencers—people with a modest following of between 1000 and 3000 people, but who have sầu deep connections, svào bonds, and constant communication with their fans. Micro influencers play a prominent role in promoting conversations about “going out & experiencing Biti’s Hunter.”


This summer, Biti’s worked with Marvel on a collaboration that included sports shoes & slippers that take inspiration from that company’s superhero characters. Can you cốt truyện a bit more about this?

Marvel’s international influence is undeniable. When considering a “handshake” with another brvà we analyze the passion points—the trends in social media, movies, music, and fashion. We figured that this collaboration could open up more opportunities in the future regarding foreign branding while leaving a positive impression on young people.

Biti’s explored trends in social truyền thông, movies, music và fashion before deciding khổng lồ work with Marvel.In mid-2017, we leveraged our existing collaboration with Walt Disney—Marvel’s mother company—and recommended that this project come out to coincide with the release of Avengers Infinity War that was launched in April 2018. It was also significant as the tenth anniversary of the Marvel movie empire. And we also signed with the fast-fashion giant H&M to release a lookbook.

How vì you plan to lớn follow that successful campaign up?

After Marvel, we have sầu continued to lớn collaborate. We worked with Peptê mê to lớn create a shoe line for the World Cup 2018. This project helped Biti’s khổng lồ work alongside some of the biggest names in sport such as Lionel Messay mê.

Biti’s Pepđắm say collaboration was launched in time for the World Cup 2018.

In short, besides the marketing campaigns, what does Biti’s owe its success to?

First, the people who set the foundation for Biti’s—Vuu Knhị Tkhô cứng and Lai Khiem. Then the second generation—Vuu Le Minc và Vuu Le Quyen—the people who blew new life into Biti’s.

Then we have sầu people like Hung Vo—vice kinh doanh director & CEO of REDDER Advertising—the brains behind that campaign and all the other kinh doanh ideas for Biti’s. And of course all the employees in the Biti’s family. They have sầu sustained the fire và the passion behind the br& and have sầu transferred it to the products khổng lồ create the foundation for these successful campaigns.

What’s next for Biti’s Hunter?

First, it’s about steady but innovative steps, while improving the Biti’s shopping experience in Vietnam. Then it is the journey lớn make the dream a reality—to lớn branch out inlớn the international market. Right now we want to lớn collaborate with partners that have a big influence in Asia. We want to learn about the consumers in countries lượt thích Indonesia, Vương Quốc của nụ cười, & Malaysia. Then we’ll take even bigger steps.

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