This Honeycomb Cake – Eggless / Vegetarian Recipe (Banh Bo Nuong Chay) is a must-try if you love baked Honeycomb Cake (Banh Bo Nuong) but want to avoid the eggs.

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You are guaranteed a deliciously spongy and chewy cake with lots of honeycomb with this straightforward recipe. If you’ve struggled with making Honeycomb Cake in the past, give this recipe a try. It’s very forgiving & not nearly as delicate or sensitive as the Steamed Honeycomb Cake or baked version. Be sure to reviews the recipe notes and watch the video. It’s loaded with tips and tricks lớn help you succeed. Good Luck and Happy Baking!

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Notes on the Honeycomb Cake – Eggless / Vegetarian Recipe, Tips và Tricks

Use fresh active dry yeast. Instant yeast works but the honeycomb is minimal and the texture is not as spongy.

Let the batter rest in a warm place with the temperature around 85-100 F (29-38 C) khổng lồ encourage yeast growth. The oven works best as it’s enclosed and can be controlled. Turn on the oven light and place the batter bowl close to the light.

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Another option is khổng lồ place a pan of boiling water just under the batter. The steam helps khổng lồ generate heat. Alternatively, warm the oven using the “Keep Warm” function for a few minutes and then turn it off. With this method, you should use an oven thermometer to get the right temperature range. Most ovens keep warm at 175 F (79 C), a temperature which would kill the yeast. If you have a bread proofing setting on your oven, this works best và eliminates any guesswork.

I use Pandan paste in this recipe because it’s my favorite. Feel free to use any food extract và flavoring you like. Optionally, use food coloring to địa chỉ cửa hàng pizzazz to lớn the cake. Depending on the occasion or time of year, I’ll make a variety of cakes in different flavors and colors. Yum! check out my ever-expanding collection below…

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