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"The Kerala Story" movie has got mixed reviews. People from some quarters have supported the movie while others have called for a ban on it.

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"The Kerala Story" has led to lớn a huge political storm. Some states have banned the movie while some have made it tax-free. It seems khổng lồ have become a bone of contention among the states ruled by BJP & Opposition parties. Some political parties lượt thích TMC, INC and DMK along with some muslim political groups have been protesting against the movie, whcich released on May 5.

West Bengal

The controversial film has been banned in West Bengal. The ban on Sudipto Sen-directed film ‘The Kerala Story’ has been ordered by West Bengal Chief Minister Mamta Banerjee. “This is lớn avoid any incident of hatred & violence, & to maintain peace in the state. What is ‘The Kashmir Files?’ it is lớn humiliate one section. What is ‘The Kerala Story? It is a distorted story,” Banerjee said.

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Tamil Nadu

The screening of the film has been stopped by the Tamil Nadu Theatre và Multiplex Owners Association on Sunday as “a precautionary measure”. The move has been taken lớn maintain law và order and protect their properties from the factions, who are opposed to the theme of the film. Tamil Nadu Theatre & Multiplex Owners’ Association president Tiruppur M. Subramaniam said, “The film has been taken out of almost all theatres. The film was screened only in the cities. Since it is a Hindi film và has no recognisable faces, it will not have patronage.”

Madhya Pradesh

The BJP-ruled Madhya Pradesh has made the film tax-free. Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan said, “The film shows how the (life of) daughters who get entangled in the trap of love jihad gets destroyed. It also exposes the kiến thiết of terrorism. While we have already brought a law against (forced) conversion, the film creates awareness about the issue. This film should be watched by all and that’s why the Madhya Pradesh government is declaring the film tax-free.”
Observing that the film is “inspired by true events”, the Kerala High Court has refused khổng lồ ban the release of the movie.


Q1:When was The Kerala Story showcased in theatres?May 5, 2023Q2:Who plays the lead role in The Kerala Story?Actor Adah Sharma

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