Two hidden ios features that people should use more


When you use AssistiveTouch on your iPhone or iPad, you employ a world full of shortcuts and hacks. Several potent tasks, such as device restart or volume adjustment, can be managed quickly và easily without using the device’s physical buttons.

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What is AssistiveTouch?

AssitiveTouch is an impressive accessibility feature that can assist you in various tasks with just a touch. While a boon for differently-abled people, it is also a great asset for regular users.

When enabled, a translucent round button appears on your iPhone or iPad trang chủ Screen. Và as and when you cảm biến it, a menu packed with multiple options is revealed.

Select the task you want from the menu & Tada! It will be done. Consider this as a shortcut tab that can help you take screenshots, employ custom gestures, invoke SOS, xuất hiện App Switcher, và oh so much more.

What’s great is that you can easily customize the Assistive cảm ứng to bởi your bidding.

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How to lớn Turn ON AssistiveTouch on iPhone or iPad

There are three ways lớn enable AssitiveTouch.

The first one is khổng lồ ask Siri. Invoke the tiện ích ios assistantand instruct it khổng lồ Turn on AssistiveTouch.

The second method is from the device settings:

As soon as you turn on the setting, a circular button will appear on the screen. You can drag it to any edge on your iPhone or iPad trang chủ Screen. AssitiveTouch will stay put until you move it again.

The third way is the Accessibility Shortcut. Go to Settings Accessibility Accessibility Shortcutand tap onAssistiveTouch.
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