Every now và then, it is so much fun lớn step out of your comfort zone in the kitchen & try something completely new.

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If you’re in the mood to lớn make the iconic Vietnamese sandwich called a banh mi, you might as well bởi it right and make a batch of this incredible ham. You’ll probably need lớn seek out an Asian market or order an sản phẩm or two online, but it is so worth it. It’s great in a sandwich, but also on its own. Và it is so much fun to prepare!


How to lớn Make phụ vương Lua (Vietnamese Ham)

At first, this may seem like an intimidating ham to make at home.

You’ll need lớn plan ahead and make sure you’ve got the right ingredients and tools, but, we promise you, it’s easy khổng lồ make và incredibly delicious.

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The Ingredients & Tools You Will Need

As previously mentioned, if you have an Asian market nearby, you may want khổng lồ swing by khổng lồ pick up the banana leaves, but everything else should be available at your local supermarket.

Here’s What You’ll Need lớn Have on Hand

Pork tenderloin – We prefer khổng lồ grind the tenderloin first with our meat grinder, và then process it in a large food processor. But, you can skip the grinding và be just fine.Fish sauce – This can be found in the Asian section of most well-stocked supermarkets. Or, at an Asian food market. Or, online.Salt – Kosher is what we useSugar – GranulatedWhite pepper – Found in the spice section of most supermarketsGarlic powderOnion powderWater – Warmed in the microwaveBaking soda – Make sure it’s freshCream of tartarPotato starch – Found at specialty food markets, Asian markets, or online. Tapioca flour is a good substitute, tooBanana leaves – Found in the frozen section of Asian markets. Or, online.

Here are the Tools We Use:

Meat grinderLarge food processorBamboo steamer

EXPERT TIP: After you mixed the ground pork with the fish sauce & seasonings, you’ll want to quickly heat the water and then whisk in the cream of tartar, baking soda, and potato starch. If will fizz quite a bit. Immediately add it lớn the pork mixture & process for trăng tròn to 30 seconds. The mixture will be smooth và very sticky. This is normal.


How to lớn Wrap the thân phụ Lua

If you can’t get your hands on any banana leaves, don’t worry. Just wrap the pork mixture tightly in plastic wrap. Be sure lớn use a reputable brand, such as Saran Wrap, & you’ll have no issues with chemicals in the steaming process.

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When using banana leaves, you’ll want to lớn wash them first, then dry them completely. Cut them to approximately 12″x12″ squares, và then stack 3 on đứng top of each, placing the middle leaf perpendicular to the other two (see video clip for reference).

Roll the banana leaves snuggly around the pork. Tuck in the ends & then secure with kitchen twine. For good measure, add a layer of plastic wrap on the outside, & then secure with kitchen twine again.

EXPERT TIP: You’ll have two pork rolls. Khổng lồ cook them, you need to steam them. Steam them with a bamboo steamer, a steam pot, or whatever method you would use khổng lồ steam food.


How lớn Serve

Of course, we’re making homemade cha lua so we can use it in our banh ngươi sandwich.

But, it’s so flavorful, we love khổng lồ slice it up, and serve it as an entree.

We’ll also take leftover slices & fry them up in a non-stick skillet with a little oil or butter. Use with cheese slices and make the most amazing grilled cheese and cha lua sandwich. Incredible.

EXPERT TIP: You’ll have enough of the pork mixture lớn make two rolls. To lớn cook them, you need to steam them. Steam them with a bamboo steamer, a steam pot, or whatever method you would use to steam food.


We just can’t say enough about making thân phụ lua from scratch.

It may not be the most beautiful cut of meat you’ve ever seen, but the texture và flavor are incredible.

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