How to install airshou screen recorder on ios 10 iphone or ipad


There are plenty of screen recorders out there for iOS users. Though, when it comes to lớn iOS 10, the options become quite limited. Out of all the commonly used screen recorders, Airshou is one of the most popular ones. If you have also upgraded your iOS lớn iOS 10, then don’t worry. The Airshou iOS 10 version can be installed on your device. In this post, we will provide stepwise instructions for you khổng lồ install Airshou on iOS 10.

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Though, due to its lachồng of tư vấn, plenty of users are not able lớn use Airshou even after installing it. Therefore, we will also make you familiar with its best alternative sầu in this guide. So what are you waiting for? Read on và learn how to install Airshou iOS 10 right away.

Part 1: Does Airshou work for iOS 10?

Recently, we have received lots of queries from our readers regarding the compatibility of Airshou with iOS 10. If you also have the same question, then don’t worry. We have an answer for you. In a nutshell, yes – Airshou works for iOS 10. Even though it is no longer available on the official App Store, there are lots of other ways lớn install Airshou. You can take the assistance of a third-buổi tiệc ngọt installer (lượt thích Tutu Helper) in order lớn install Airshou iOS 10 or get it directly from its trang web.

Though, the best way to lớn get Airshou on your device is by simply visiting its trang web. As you might already know, Airshou provides a seamless way to record a device’s screen activity và make high-definition videos. It can be used for personal application or to make educational (or gameplay) videos. No matter what your requirements are with screen recording, you can meet it with Airshou.

The good news is the new version of Airshou iOS 10 is out và it is compatible with almost all the leading iOS devices (iPhone 5-7 plus, Máy tính bảng iPad Pro, iPad Air và Mini, and iPod cảm ứng 6th generation). One of the best parts about Airshou is you no longer need khổng lồ connect your phone lớn your system khổng lồ download it. In order khổng lồ install Airshou iOS 10 on your device, just follow these steps.

1.To start with, open Safari on your iOS device. Make sure to go ahead with Safari as no other browser will work with this technique. After launching Safari, open Airshou’s official trang web on your browser.

2.Wait for a while as the trang web will be loaded on your browser. Whenever it is done, just tap on the “up” button. Mostly, it is situated at the bottom panel of your page.

3.This will provide a các mục of different options regarding the page. Out of all the provided options, tap on “Add khổng lồ trang chủ Screen” and continue.

4.As soon as you will click on this feature, you will get a window lượt thích this. Now, all you got to lớn vị is verify the name of the phầm mềm (by mặc định it would be “Airshou”) & tap on the “Add” button. This will add the tiện ích to your home screen, letting you use it as per your convenience.

5.Most of the users make the rookie mistake of simply launching Airshou right after completing these steps. If you will vì so, then chances are that it might not work. You will get an “Untrusted Enterprise Developer” error message on the screen.

6.Therefore, lớn fix it, you need to lớn trust the ứng dụng. This can be done by visiting Settings > General > Device Management. From here, you need khổng lồ “trust” the developer that is associated with Airshou.

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That’s it! After performing these steps, you would be able khổng lồ run Airshou iOS 10 without much trouble.



It is a secure and easy lớn use application that runs on every major version of iOS (from iOS 7.1 lớn iOS 12) and can record the screen activity of iPhone, Máy tính bảng iPad, & iPod touch. It has a desktop phầm mềm (for Windows) as well as an iOS phầm mềm that can readily be used on your phone. Not just khổng lồ record screen activity, it can also be used khổng lồ mirror your screen to lớn a bigger one & perkhung plenty of other tasks.

To record your iOS screen using the Dr.Fone iOS Screen Recorder phầm mềm, follow these steps.

1. Visit the iOS Screen Recorder App trang web and choose lớn install it on your device. When you get the pop-up message, tap on the “Install” option to lớn tải về the phầm mềm.


2.Now, you need khổng lồ trust the phầm mềm developer to proceed. Visit your phone’s Settings > General > Device management and tap on the phầm mềm developer. You will get a pop-up message regarding the same. Tap on the “Trust” option khổng lồ complete the installation process.


3.To record your screen, you can use the phầm mềm the usual one. When you would launch it the first time, the ứng dụng will seek a permission lớn access your photos and microphone. Just tap on “Ok” in order lớn grant the access.


4.Before you start recording the Clip, you will get the following options. You can customize your recording on the basis of different parameters lượt thích resolution, audio source, orientation, và more. Just tap on “Next” whenever you are done lớn start recording.


5.This will minimize the app & will lead you khổng lồ the main screen. The recording will be started và you can simply go ahead lớn make your next screen recording đoạn Clip.


6.You can open any tiện ích and save the screen recording. If you want lớn record a gameplay, then you can just launch your favorite games. Additionally, it can also be used lớn save sầu Snapchat và Instagram stories.


7.Whenever you wish khổng lồ stop the recording, just tap on the red bar (at the top) or visit the iOS Screen Recording phầm mềm again. This will stop the recording and your video clip will be automatically saved lớn your camera roll.

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Later, you can visit your camera roll lớn watch the Clip or can even transfer it to lớn your system khổng lồ edit it.

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