Enabling Flash For Mozilla Firefox (Windows/Macintosh) &Ndash; Digication Help Desk

End of Flash anhhungxadieu.vn: Like other browsers và Adobe, Firefox ended Flash anhhungxadieu.vn at the over of 2020. Please see End of tư vấn for Adobe Flash for more information.

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This article does not apply to lớn the 64-bit version of Firefox available for 64-bit operating systems on Windows 7 and above sầu. anhhungxadieu.vn has its own "NPAPI plugin sandbox" security feature for 64-bit Firefox, which is enabled by mặc định.

Flash protected mode is a security feature implemented by Adobe in 32-bit versions of Firefox for Windows operating systems, when the Flash plugin is installed. This feature is enabled by mặc định, to lớn make it difficult for attackers lớn access your computer.

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Flash protected mode might cause Flash performance problems in Firefox, such as persistent hangs or plugin crashes. This is especially true for users on Windows touchscreen devices & for users who use accessibility tools.

You can turn off Flash protected mode by following these steps:

Click on the menu button , followed by Add-ons.Clichồng on the Plugins panel và select Options next khổng lồ Shockwave Flash.Cliông chồng the box next to Enable Adobe Flash protected mode to lớn remove sầu the check mark. Cliông chồng the thực đơn button & then cliông chồng Exit lớn cchiến bại Firefox completely, so that the change can take effect.

When you reopen Firefox, Flash protected mode will be disabled.

Warning: Disabling Flash protected mode makes your computer more vulnerable to security exploits. Do not disable this feature unless you are affected by poor Flash performance.
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